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Sunday morning leisure walk….

Posted by Allison on August 28, 2011

Went for a walk with Miss Thing the morning.  Not a exercise walk, a walk with a purpose.  After googling the address that we needed to go and finding out it was only 2.4 kilometers away we head off.  What google fails to tell you is that includes a portion of the walk that crosses the river.  Guess what rivers are in a valley, hence the name THE RIVER VALLEY.  On our side of the river valley we had to go down a very beautiful but not intimidating set of stairs.

This is so easy, we are in fantastic shape.  WE’VE live in Europe car-free for 2 years…meh, this’ll be a snap.

Once we got across the river we walked through a golf course.  It was so beautiful.  The weather today is amazing so there were tons of golfers on the course.

And the we discovered the truth about the river valley just steps away from our new home.  On one side there is a nice bit of stairs, one the other side, there are stories and stories of stairs.

Oh a nice little walking path to break up the miles of stairs we have to climb.  I stopped to take a picture because if I didn’t stop I would DIE.

And then on to more stairs.

Some of you are thinking that I’m exaggerating and these are just the same stairs.  You would be wrong.

Yep, this is the last of FOUR sets of stairs that we took on one side of the river valley.

Thank goodness we didn’t know that when we headed out.  We probably would have said forget it.  We also would have probably taken some damn water!

And why did we do this amazing 5 kilometer trek you ask….free multiplier onions!  Enough to plant some this fall and keep some for spring planting!

Off to start juicing some crab apples and cut down the huge rhubarb plant in my front yard so I can freeze the rhubarb for later!

2 Responses to “Sunday morning leisure walk….”

  1. michelle said

    Me? I woulda said screw the onions. Who wants onions anyway? Yeesh!

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