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Internet is live (and fast) so you get a picture heavy post!

Posted by Allison on August 17, 2011

We now have internet!!! So here is an update over a month in the making.

Chillin’ at Grandma & Grandpa’s wearing multiple layers of clothes.  Why you ask?  I have no idea but this is his ‘life vest’ & ‘life shorts’ on top of his regular clothes.

Homemade pitas done in the bread maker, amazing with my mother in laws homemade hummus. She really makes the best hummus, couldn’t sneak the super cuisanart out in my suitcase that she uses to make it though, will have to improvise.  By the way, I really think a bread maker is the number 1 under used kitchen appliance.

We spent a couple of lazy afternoons at the park by the house.

I may have left Mr. Magoo stranded on this particular apparatus because I was trying to get a shot.  I was just so excited that he could actually get across on it.  Oops.

Fortunately all the cars didn’t come to the park, some had to stay at Grandpa’s.

I love when you play so hard your cheeks are red.

NOT a summer you can sit in the shade, the mosquitos are horrific this year!

On to HOMESCHOOL this fall.  Here are some of the items we found while garage saling (saling isn’t a word, who knew?) through St. Albert.

Relaxing in the living room of our new place.  Spending a LOT of time on freecycle and getting some REALLY cool stuff.

The girls that rented the house before us left one roommate to do the last of the clean out.  I have a feeling she was pissed.  She left boxes and boxes of stuff to be thrown out.  (yes by the garbage don’t judge me)  Miss Thing and I went out there on a mad hunt and found some real treasures.  The girl said she felt like we were on American Pickers. The best of the treasures are seen here.

Who throws out a perfectly good bar blender?????  Replacement cost is over 100 BUCKS….geez.  Only thing missing is the  inner ring thingie that I’m now madly searching for…why don’t companies ship replacement parts to Canada?  The hunt begins, ending with margaritas!

Oh and in our walk around the neighbourhood we met a lady at the end of the block with an amazing garden.  She’s a doll and my new best friend.  Here’s a pic of the zucchini she gave us, with a mug for size comparison.  I’d show you the spaghetti squash but we ate it for dinner last night!  Yummo!

More to come.  Glad to be back in Canada.  Having family & friends around is the best.  I never knew how much I missed them until I got back.

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