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It’s hot as Hades in London today!

Posted by Allison on June 26, 2011

30 Degrees in the SHADE!  damn I’m hot.  Okay I understand that there are people all over the world suffering from sucky weather. Slave lake Alberta anyone?  But it has been raining for a MONTH here in London! So upon hearing that there was going to be a heat wave I was delighted.  Saturday was still crappy, so crappy in fact that we didn’t even head over to the Summer Fayre put on by the school. But this morning we woke up to glorious summer weather!!!   So we made sandwiches and headed off to Essex Park!

Mr. Magoo played some football all by himself.  He was really good at kicking the ball around.  Screw you hand/eye coordination!

We set up a nice blanket area for resting and had to keep moving it back as the sun got higher and higher.

Mr. Magoo and Miss Thing had quite a time with the set up of the races.   It usually sounds something like this…”First around this tree clockwise then through the gap then around this tree counterclockwise”…it’s a big convoluted thing.  And yes he always holds her had when he stands next to her no matter what they are doing.

Here’s Miss Thing doing Triangle Pose.  She says she needs to stretch more she’s losing her flexibility. Best start looking for a yoga class for next year for her, she is missing it.

June is such a busy time I’m hoping that next year when we are homeschooling Mr. Magoo it won’t feel like such a pressure filled time.   Funny by the end of the year he is finally relaxed at school not as stressed and anxious as even just a month ago.  After the summer once we have him homeschooling I have a feeling he is going to LOVE IT!

The fact is DH is still a teacher and Miss Thing is still going to be in PS so yes, it’ll be crazy in June and September but maybe just maybe a little less stressful.

For now he’s happy to wear his sisters flip flops at the park and show a ‘fancy’ pose.

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