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Snips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails….

Posted by Allison on June 21, 2011

Everyday we pass a weird snail thingy on the way to school.  There are tonnes of them but only in one spot.  So every time we go past the spot Mr. Magoo does a weird, don’t step on the snails dance.  Here’s a close up pick of a snail alive because Mr. Magoo tread so carefully.



I was walking behind a lady with the pinkest hair the other day, I think she deserved a sneaky picture!  I haven’t seen the colour pink since we left Germany Good for her!

The Lower school is dead full there is NO space whatsoever.  Solution?  Here is the new librbary!!!  How smart is THAT.  I really have no idea how they got it in so perfectly into a VERY tight spot.


The library from the inside.  Can’t wait to see it once it’s all done up!  Elijah got a chance to check it all out after school today.



The conversation on the way home today was THIS ONE making me do maths problems.  Below I’m getting in trouble for not trying hard enough.  Hence the finger wag….






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