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Love this! (or things I find while trolling the net besides enhancement products)

Posted by Allison on June 17, 2011

Seriously???  Glass Drink Dispensers.

Okay first let me say that i have NO idea how I got on this tangent.  Most of my tangents can be explained relatively easy but this one I have NO idea.  I mean if I was watching a show that featured dancers and then looked up ballet flats and ended up on zebra printed scarves that would be easy to explain but today, nothing.  I can’t tell you how I got here.  But I did.  I do know that for the first time in awhile I was over at the Pioneer Woman’s website.  For those of you that haven’t heard of the Pioneer Woman, head over there AFTER you read my post because you will be there for HOURS.  I was introduced to the PW (what us bizarre cult like followers call the site) by my friend Becks from Wright at Home almost 2 years ago.  She mentioned the story of this woman and how it was so awesome and I HAD to read it.  Thus started my love of PW.   The story is called Black Heels to Tractor Wheels  and it’s now out in book form and the movie rights have been sold as well.  You can still read the story on her blog and if you haven’t, you REALLY should.  She’s funny, twisted, sweet and honest and the love story will have you laughing, screaming and crying right up until the wedding day.

So back to the glass drink dispensers….a couple days ago PW posted a recipe for iced coffee and during that post she showed pictures of this AMAZING glass drink dispenser.  Of course her minions (me included) immediately bombarded her with emails begging her to tell us where she got it.  Ree got hers from the Pottery Barn AND it fits in the fridge!  So wonderful….

Pottery Barn Juice Dispenser



That got me looking all over the web for other styles,  here’s one by NapaStyle available on Amazon.  I’m showing the ones on Amazon because I  like it more than the ones on the Napa Style site.

I kind of like the idea of this one ,  available on Amazon and I could see it with different things the base depending on the theme of the drink!

I like the shape of this one you can find it on Amazon as well.

I don’t particularily like the look of this one, because of the base but still love the idea of a glass jug.  Also available on Amazon.

And then of course I found  these THIRST QUENCHERS from She Wears Many Hats all the Cherry Lemonade needs is a splash of vodka!


One Response to “Love this! (or things I find while trolling the net besides enhancement products)”

  1. Resa said

    That last one is so Steampunk. I love it. 🙂

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