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A Pub by any other Name..

Posted by Allison on June 5, 2011

What is in a name?  Seriously there is NOTHING more enjoyable that riding on the double decker bus and yelling out the names of various businesses in London.  Yesterday Mr. Magoo had a birthday party at Kinloch Castle and we took a bus through quite a bit of North London to get there.  Along the way we passed a cafe that made us take up and notice.  It was the Eat me Drink me Lick me Italian Gelato place in East Finchley.  Seriously?  Eat me? Drink me? LICK me?  I love it!  It serves artisan gelato and I’m sure it has brought more people through the door with that name that without.

We also passed The Bald Faced Stag pub & The Monkey’s Face Pub.  Great names.

The birthday party was for fairies and pirates at Kinloch Castle. Not the REAL Kinloch Castle in Scotland but the birthday party place in North London.

The real Kinloch Castle is slightly more grand.

Mr. Magoo didn’t go for the pirate costume but we did put on a bright pink bandana and a hat….you can never miss with a bright pink bandana.

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