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I’m fond of you….

Posted by Allison on May 22, 2011

How Emily Bronte of me eh?  Ok, how it all started was I heard the term “i’m fond of  blah blah” while watching a period show online.  Why don’t we say that anymore?  It’s so different than saying “I really like blah blah” or “I care about blah blah”.  To me the word fond just seems to invoke a feeling of true & deep caring.   So I’ve decided that I’m going to bring it back into use.  We have enough of the ridiculous made up language being pushed on us why not take something from the past and bring it back into every day use.  To be fair I’ve been known to throw out a  ‘chillax’  out there every once in awhile.  As my preteen will attest I can use terms from the urban dictionary in proper context.  Just the other day I actually used  “post-acquaintance friend request” in describing my quick friend request to someone while walking AWAY FROM THEM.  The best part of my friendship with my yoga girls back home is the numerous made up phrases and words that we come up with…seriously…without us there would be no SWIFFING.   But in today’s day and age I think we have to also give props to the words and saying we used in years past.  Especially the once that express feelings much better than we do today.  I think “fond” is one of those words.  So I’m starting a revolution of the word FOND!  Join me!  Maybe you think it isn’t for you.  Can’t jump on a bandwagon with some proof that the bandwagon is filled with cool and interesting people? Do you need some sort of celebrity endorsement?  Well I have one!  Just one day after deciding to bring the word fond back into more frequent use, Clinton Kelly from What Not to Wear and generally fabulousness used the word on his facebook page without and prodding from me!  That Clinton, I’m very fond of him.

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