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coolest birthday EVER~!

Posted by Allison on May 1, 2011

I spent my birthday weekend celebrating the wedding of the future king of England.   Now THAT’S cool.  On Friday morning, Miss Thing and I got up and grabbed the tube to Central London.  We decided to forgo the Abbey as people had been camped out there since Monday and there was no way we would get close at all.  I really wanted to watch the procession TO the Abbey so we decided to head up to the Mall.  We arrived and found an amazing spot just before the turn to go under the Arch that was only a couple people deep.  We saw all the Royals drive by on their way to the Abbey and even the BRIDE!

Here we are leaving the flat!  We had to dress a little warmly because it was only about 12 degrees at 7 in the morning!

We arrived at St. James Park tube station and could see immediately that the area around the Abbey was CRAZY .  We walked up to see the crowds and then went over to the Mall.

On the way to the mall there were crowds but it didn’t look like it was going to be too nuts.  Trust me, it was.

There girls in the tree could see EVERYTHING  but I can’t imagine they were very comfortable, those branches were tiny!

I think we picked the perfect spot because right across from us is where the cars would be turning to head over to the Abbey!!

I won’t bore you with a bunch of pictures that you can’t tell who is in the car but there are a couple i HAVE to post…..Here are Prince William and Prince Harry on their way to the Abbey.

Here  is the QUEEN! The biggest roars of the day were for the Queen.  I was really surprised by that but it was true. The Princes got huge cheers and of course the newlyweds did too, but the Queen, HUGE!

Here comes the bride.

Okay so after all that excited me headed over the Hyde Park. We could have stayed on the Mall or in St. James Park but we had to do some sight seeing and we REALLY wanted see as much of the festivities as possible.  I know Miss Thing really wanted to see the kiss on the balcony but with the hundreds of thousands of people I knew there was no way we would see anything.  I also knew that there were big screens up at Hyde Park….so off we went.  On the way over there were several marching  soldiers but I don’t know the different uniforms.

When we arrived at Hyde Park I was overwhelmed by the number of people there.  We walked through the entire park with our Canadian flags on full display.  The key to these big events is to have a flag! We met a bunch of other Canadians and some people from other Commonwealth countries.  The New Zealand boys were very happy to see us!

Keep Calm Carry On

There was even a free photo booth complete with veil for Miss Thing. Great day all around!

And I came home to a wonderful surprise…..someone is walking!  She deserves some space on my blog….the one and only GREAT NIECE!

Okay walking is a bit of a stretch…she’s got a few steps down but she is on her way!
The other big surprise was that we received free tickets to The Graham Norton show! Dh & I get to go on Tuesday and the guests at the show are Robert Pattison (daughter is VERY JEALOUS), Reese Witherspoon and HUGH LAURIE! I can’t wait!

One Response to “coolest birthday EVER~!”

  1. Marin said

    Happy birthday and thank you for the ground-eye view of the celebration. XOXO

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