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Catherine and William are going with me to Tesco!

Posted by Allison on April 28, 2011

Okay, so it’s a little weird but the one thing I REALLY wanted was a Royal Wedding reusable shopping bag.  I just thought it would be a cool souvenir and I’d seen it around but didn’t know where to get one.  So I went to the Hallmark store which is carrying a similar one that looks like this.

But this isn’t the one I wanted, I wanted the red and blue union jack coloured one that I kept seeing every where.  So today we went down to an area of London called Fortis Green/Temple Green.  The area is beautiful and has amazing shops up and down the high street.  There is a HUGE Jewish population and all of the fun of going to that area is all the fish stores, Jewish book stores and the PEOPLE!  Something tells me if you want bagels and lox this is the place to buy it.  On the bus were some boys just coming home from school.  They had one their  Yarmulke or Kippah (not sure which one I’m suppose to use) and they were Orthodox.  At least I’m assuming so because they had curls or payots.  Or maybe they were Hasidic, I’m not up on Jewish culture.  Time to do some googling I guess.  By the way, how did we learn things before google, I can’t remember.

ON the bus on the way there we passed some super fun things!

This first sign always kills me.  It’s basically a KFC UK style.  But it’s the Halal, the Euro stars on the American flag, the American Recipe.  So all over the map it’s funny.

This is something I haven’t seen in Canada for YEARS.  A TEXACO!!!!  One of my first jobs was at Texaco on 8th street in Saskatoon.  I used to work 7-3 on Sundays after a night at Confettis (back when it was Confetti Le Club and you could dance on the speakers), oh the memories.  Actually I have very few memories of working at Texaco, probably because of the nights at Texaco.

Trying to get a shot of the price of petrol but I cna’t.  Trust me when I say it’s more than you are paying in Canada.  A LOT more.  And you Americans….seriously.  Quit bitching.

My favorite name for a restaurant EVER.

It just seems to me that only really cool people would eat at this restaurant.

Any whoo, after we arrived home DH went up the street to pick up Mr. Magoo and walked by a 99 P store, low and behold…there are the bags I so desperately wanted.


2 Responses to “Catherine and William are going with me to Tesco!”

  1. anji said

    hmmm… I wonder if Mordecai Richler gets a cut of profits from the super-duper trendy restaurant that are using the book title he wrote???

    Copyright infringement????

    Mordi could be pretty rich perhaps!

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