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If I knew you were coming I’d a baked a cake.

Posted by Allison on March 27, 2011

Every kid gets to pick their birthday cake in this house.  When I asked Miss Thing what she wanted she didn’t know, as long as it had cream cheese frosting she was happy.  She went out with her pal for the day of her birthday to ‘hang out’ and Mr. Magoo and I were left to bake her special cake.   Dh had a thing at school but luckily he got home in time to take some pictures.

Adding the cocoa was a big hit.

As was reading the recipe.

I’d show you pictures of the actually blowing out of the candles but the camera batteried died right after this picture!

Oh yeah!  Meatless Thursdays layered taco salad was a HUGE hit!

Here is it before adding the lettuce and cheese….this is impossible to screw up, easy peasy recipe.  A must try.

Here is the final product.  Everyone loved it, even though ‘certain people’ picked out the olives.

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