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Walking home with Crazypants McFreakazoid….

Posted by Allison on March 22, 2011

On the way home Mr. Magoo was chatting away about his Christmas list and how he knows what he wants FOR CHRISTMAS.

I told him that in fact his birthday is closer and perhaps we should discuss that instead of Christmas and this is the look I got.

I get this look a LOT.

I also told him he didn’t need his toque (hat for you NON Canadians) but he said that when it’s warm he needs it so his head doesn’t sweat.  I got another eye roll.  I think it’s genetic.

I’m thinking of taking up golf.  I picture DH and I golfing through the UK in our old age.  This is usually during the time that I imagine a huge lottery win and get really into the fantasy.  Yesterday it was enhanced by the golf course by our house.  This is the club house……seriously…the club house!

I think I’ll get a Smart car convertible to drive to the club house in…as long as I’m dreaming.

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