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Drunken Knitting…

Posted by Allison on March 13, 2011

Okay so a very good knitting friend of mine has Drunken Knitting Nights at her local pub.  It’s the number 1 reason I want to go to Denver some day.  Since I haven’t found a group that subscribes to the same idiocy here in the UK I have to make my own fun.  I am currently working on Cabled Cowl a project by Lions Brand.  If you want to see it I believe you have to sign up with them, but it’s free.  Anydickledoya, I have been knitting it for about a week and it’s a great mindless but interesting pattern that knits up quickly.

Next I’ll be knitting with my Saskatchewan Roughrider yarn that I’ve had for over two years.  I’m making baby stuff with it.  NOT FOR ME!  There is only one person who I would gladly give up my roughrider yarn for and that person is currently in a belly baking until ready.  I can’t wait to start knitting with it, but first I have to detangle it after an unfortunate accident that I have blacked out of my memory.   Not sure what I’ll make with it, maybe a hat and sock set….we’ll see.   Plus I’ll have to make some other things so I’m currently on the hunt for the perfect baby knits….that include fish.  yeah I know, weird.

Many people have asked about the recycling of our tassimo discs….here’s the box.

It comes free in the mail and we fill it with discs, place a free shipping label on it and take it to the post!  The only thing I have to do is count the disc and put the number on top.

Off to watch The Killing with Scotty, its coming to North America as it’s been redone by the States…don’t miss it.  But for a real treat try to find the original Forbrydelsen in Danish with English subtitles.

One Response to “Drunken Knitting…”

  1. Marin said

    You know Denver would be proud to have you drink and knit. Plus we have mountains and a US Mint.

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