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HMS Belfast!

Posted by Allison on March 5, 2011

During half term there was a thwarted trip to HMS Belfast that ended in disappointment and promises of a return and today was the day!  Mr. Magoo started asking his Dad when they were leaving at about 8:30 this morning.


It really wasn’t quite as cold as this picture looks.

I have no idea where or why this picture was taken, I’m thinking gift shop but really it could be anywhere.  My last instructions were TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!

Obviously hubby, listened and made sure to get an interesting shot…players smokes.  How Canadian!

You can tell from this picture how much he enjoyed his trip to the battleship.  Something tells me, he’ll want to go back.  Hopefully now that he has enjoyed TWO museums in the last month he understands that not all museum have BONES in them.  So we can go to more…

Gift shop was over priced but luckily Dad and Mr. Magoo were able to find a souvenir shop that had something to mark the day!

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