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Funny little cars.

Posted by Allison on February 19, 2011

I’m in love with tiny little cars in Europe.  There were many in Germany but mostly Smart Cars & Smart Cars for 4.  The other day as I walked home from taking Mr. Magoo to school I counted Minis and Micras, I have no idea why but I just love them!  In the .9 miles I walked from the school to the house I saw 14 Nissan Micras…

and 10 Mini Coopers

Next time I’m going to count Fiat 500’s!

There are just so many little tiny cars!  The walk is less than 20 minutes!  If I was at home I wouldn’t see that many in a week I’m fairly certain.  Friday I saw my new favorite car in PINK! (not counting my absolute favorite small car the VW Karmann Ghia).  Mr Magoo said I should have a pink car because he loves pink.

In case you don’t know what a VW Karmann Ghia looks like, this is it….so cute!

Anyway back to reality and my every day life.  There’s a new corner grocery just up the street from us.  The usual Halal meats, veggies and fruits.   I like the guy in the this one, he is always so friendly.

The other day I was trying to get a picture of the little fruit and veg stand on my way home.  I was being all stealth like when all of a sudden Miss Thing popped into frame.  She had seen us on the High Street and ran up just as I was talking the picture.  Too funny!


3 Responses to “Funny little cars.”

  1. Erin said

    Sooo cute! We have loads of little cars here as well, they scare me.

  2. I wonder if we will EVER see that many MINI cars in TExas?? I know one would NEVER work for me so I know there will be at least a few non minis on the road. I DO LOVE That pink one though, hehe.

  3. Those are cute, especially the Fiat 500 and the bubblegum Bug.

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