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International Day of the CUPID!

Posted by Allison on February 14, 2011

Everyone should have a signature dessert.  I’ve decided this in the last couple of days.  I have a ton of different meals that I love to make and I’m very good at.  I have appetizers and salads, sides and meats.  When it comes to meals I have it covered.   Sadly I suck at baking so now I’ve decided I’m going to become an expert at ONE thing.  I’m going to be known for it.  Whenever we have to bring a dessert, this is going to be it.   I used to be known for my cheesecake but I REALLY don’t like making cheesecake.  I need something with flare….something with a story.


So without further adieu, my new signature dessert is RED VELVET CAKE!   True this is the first one I’ve ever made but I’m going to develop it over time.  It has two things I love a lot, chocolate and cream cheese.  Yeah, I don’t know how to ice a cake I’m just thrilled there isn’t cake bits all over the outside.

I started with the eggs, oil and sugar.  (note the computer on the counter, so I can read the recipe).  I have distilled malt vinegar and regular malt vinegar.  I assumed the distilled malt vinegar was the same as white vinegar at home mainly because it’s all I can find here.

I was suppose to add the food colouring to the buttermilk but I added it to the sugar mixture by mistake.  Meh, it’s all going together eventually, right?  Kids this is why I don’t bake, reading the whole recipe, following it, it’s such a pain.  This recipe didn’t call for cocoa but I didn’t want just a red cake, I wanted a red velvet cake, so I added cocoa….hence the chocolate swirl while mixing.

I love the 99p store.  They had silicone cake pans for, you guessed it, 99p.

While the cakes were in the oven I made up some cream cheese icing.  I didn’t even eat it all off the spoon, which is very rare for me and cream cheese icing.  Next time it’ll be more cream cheese-y and less icing-y.

And they are ready!  I popped them in the fridge for a couple hours to firm them up because I can only imagine that if they aren’t firm there is NO WAY I can ice it without getting red stuff on the outside!

Quite liking the silicone pans, they take up no space, the cake pops right out once cooled.  The shape of the cake required very little cutting in order to stack them.

And now I have a great dessert to share with my valentines!

Happy Valentines DAY!

One Response to “International Day of the CUPID!”

  1. foerchk said

    It’s a start! LOL Tip: Don’t just trim the sides, trim the tops/bottoms flat too. Easier to do with a great big serrated knife and a frozen cake. Also slice each of those layers in half to for a 6 layer cake.

    I always thought cakes were kind of hard so I’ve been working on pies. I’m getting really good at chocolate cream and want to try out lemon meringue (I make awesome meringue!) and key lime this summer. Also want to work out pavlovas and macarons.

    Happy Baking!!

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