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Ten for Tea?

Posted by Allison on January 23, 2011

Miss Thing was invited to a birthday party today and it was for TEA~!  How cute is that?  I’d looked up the Tea Party on the web and thought, what a fantastic idea but then we saw it and I just about DIED .  You just cannot believe how cute it is!  We met the owner Sam as we were a bit early and she graciously let us in from the cold while she finished setting up.  It’s hard to time the walking around here but it’s about a mile from our front door.  Perfect colour on the outside of the building….

And even more pink on the inside!  It’s like being inside a giant cupcake!  Oh and the cupcakes on the table looked amazing.    Little finger sandwiches and pink goblets it’s like my fantasy place.

Another picture of the room (and Sam the owner) and the sooo cool wallpaper.  The beauty is in the details and there are great details everywhere!  Sam mentioned that there have been a lot of baby showers and parties to show off babies (she called them something but I can’t remember what).  She also mentioned they were planning a knitting party there, so as you can imagine, I’m going to be going to be on the lookout for that!

If I could have, I would have put the chandelier in my purse and taken it home…

Some of my long time readers might remember this fantastic ebay find that I bought Miss Thing ages ago.  The dress was perfect for the required “glamorous” that was requested on the invitation.

Boas??!!!!???  LOVE. IT!

We left before all the party girls had arrived but from what we saw, they all did look very ‘glamorous’!

Have I mentioned lately how much I love living in London?

2 Responses to “Ten for Tea?”

  1. Alana said

    If nothing else…you’re kids are experienceing the coolest, most exciting things on this ‘life adventure’ you have takedn them on! Bravo to you and Scott for beign such worldly, open-minded parents. You are all very fortunate and blessed.

  2. foerchk said

    What a fun time for all the girls!! (And don’t tell anyone but your Ms. Thing is the most gorgeous girl there!) Love the new look of your blog, very spring y … must be wishful thinking!

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