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Sunday socks and soft sweaters….

Posted by Allison on January 23, 2011

This is me.

This is my pink sweater.

This is the pink sweater I stopped wearing because I saw a picture of myself in it over a year ago and it wasn’t pretty.   I found it in the cupboard and put it on.  I love it again.

Mr. Magoo’s socks are done.  He is very happy with them, I’m not.  The problem with his socks are that his feet are so long and wide that by the time I make them wide enough to go on, they are too wide for his delicate ankles.  Since this sock yarn has no real stretch to it, it means that the socks keep slipping down.  I’m going to get some stretchy sock yarn and make him some other ones.  But he is THRILLED with his new socks. I left them on the couch for him when I went to bed so he would see them first thing in the morning.  They haven’t left his feet since.


My favorite fruit and veg stand had 3 pineapples for a £!!!  And they are SWEET… I’m looking for recipes for pineapples…anyone??

I’m off as Elijah is asking for beans & toast for lunch.  I have a real brit on my hands I tell you…..

2 Responses to “Sunday socks and soft sweaters….”

  1. Carlyle said

    Try chopping some garlic finely and putting on Pineapple slices, then putting them on the bar-b (do they have those there) or on the broiler, serve beside porkchops. Pineapple is also good on chicken wings with Soya sauce.

  2. Kathy said

    You are rocking the pink sweater! Socks look awesome! Hope you have a great week….sorry don’t know any recipes for pineapple! looks yummy though!

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