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So I’m married to this guy….

Posted by Allison on January 16, 2011

It’s our 8th Anniversary on Tuesday.  In honor of my anniversary I’m coming clean.  I have secret boyfriends.  A LOT of secret boyfriends….and not just the old guy on the street that I told you about before…

My Actor Boyfriend

  • sub category – comedic Paul Rudd
  • sub category – dramatic *tie  Javier Bardem/Daniel Day-Lewis
  • sub category – broadway Taye Diggs
  • sub category – reality/host Jeff Probst

My Comedian Boyfriend

  • David Cross

My Purely Cause of the Accent Boyfriend

  • *Tie – Clive Owen/Colin Firth

My Vampire Boyfriend

  • Eric from True Blood (not the actor, the vampire)

My Musical Boyfriend

  • Lenny Kravitz

My Sport Figure Boyfriend

  • Sub category – real Rafael Nadal
  • Sub category – fictional Tim Riggins

My Turn back Time Boyfriend

Who I would pick now but they would themselves at the time of the sub category.

  • Sub category 90’s Donnie Wahlberg
  • Sub category 80’s Matt Dillon
  • Sub category 70’s Jermaine Jackson
  • Sub category 60’s JFK Sr.

My Embarrassed to Admit it Cause Everyone will think I’m a Freak Boyfriend

  • Alan Rickman

My Who the Fuck is that? Boyfriend

  • Mathieu Kassovitz

My Boyfriend who would Prefer a Boyfriend

  • NPH

My Dead but if he wasn’t Boyfriend

  • JFK Jr.

My Real Life Boyfriend

I bet a million bucks the minute I post this blog post my husband is going to say, ‘what about so and so’ and I’m going to be choked that I missed someone.  But at the same time he’s going to be relieved that I got sidetracked on the secret boyfriend post and didn’t post the story of Mr. Magoo and the vibrating fishing rod that he found our room yesterday.  See, I have discretion!!!

11 Responses to “So I’m married to this guy….”

  1. trininista said

    See? Now I wanna know about the vibrating fishing rod. lol. Your list is cool. I love Alan Rickman as well. he just has an odd vibe that is very intriguing. But Jermaine Jackson? I don’t get what you and Oprah see in him.

  2. Michele said

    I love this list! I agree with many of your choices although I am concered that you missed one of my favorites…what about Gale Harold? I think he may be upset that you replaced him in your affections!

    • Allison said

      Dammit!!! I forgot my sweet Gale! He rocks my boat big time! Scott also pointed out that I forgot Jim Cuddy. Never mind the whole list of girl crushes that I could do as well….I see another blog post coming!

  3. Dee said

    How about “My redhead phase boyfriend”..there’s a couple names for that heading:)

  4. Gail Cupid said

    I won’t even apologize for not recognizing any of the names except JFK and JFK JR. I think it’s better that way but wonder what’s with this family. At least, your dad and I kept it to a much smaller number of boyfriends/girlfriends and we didn’t categorize them either. Holly & Peter also subscribe to this weird behavior – Holly’s most weird bfriend being an “undertaker”.

    Having said all that I think you hit the jackpot with your hunky boyfriend husband and I particularly like the new “lean” look. Just in case I miss it on Tues. Happy Anniversary and may the next 50 yrs be as exciting and eventful as the past 8 years.

    P.S. Doing any blogging for memorial on the 19th?

    • Allison said

      Thanks for the anniversary wishes! I can’t believe it’s been 8 years! Check back on Wednesday I’m sure I’ll be writing on that day…

  5. Kathy said

    Happy Anniversary! Too funny you and I share a lot of the same boyfriends! Your #1 guy is a lucky guy you have good taste!

  6. Wow, how weird is this, I just stumbled over to your blog, and we have the same boyfriends! lol. Actually found your blog through expat women, and glad I did. Always fun to read about everyone else’s overseas adventures. Nothing like trying to make this non-American lifestyle feel like home. All the best!

  7. Kma said

    You can have them all, even Matt Damon. But keep your hands of Daniel Day Lewis because baby, he’s M I N E !

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