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Let’s Get Physical

Posted by Allison on January 4, 2011

I love my youngest.  No inhibitions when it comes to dressing up and playing a game.  This particular game is called blindfold.  Yeah, ok not the most imaginative name but at least you know what the game entails by the name. *mother if you look at the bottom of the pictures you can go forward/backward or stop the slide show at any picture, or you can just wait and it’ll start again.* Yes I post personal messages to my mother on my blog, she’s no spring chicken, this internet thingie can be confusing I’m just being a nice daughter.   Well to be fair, probably calling her ‘no spring chicken’ wasn’t what would be considered ‘nice’ but at least I didn’t say she’s 82!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Of course once the blindfold is off he looks like he’s about to break out into a Jane Fonda aerobics montage which is perfect.  And by perfect I mean fun for me to take pictures for the entire world to see.  Must stop blogging as I’m finishing up the beret and if i stop knitting for any amount of time, Mr. Magoo gives me the side-eye.

2 Responses to “Let’s Get Physical”

  1. Kathy said

    Ah! To be young again and full of energy and confidence to just let go! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  2. lesa said

    he is such a yogi 🙂

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