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Blog resolution…

Posted by Allison on January 1, 2011

I should totally make a resolution to blog every day of 2011.

um, no.

First the knitting.  This is the yarn Mr. Magoo wants a pair of socks out of, but currently it’s making a beret/tam so he has to wait.  This means that everytime he sees it, he tries to bring it to me so I’m hurry up and make him a pair of lime green and yellow socks.  Nothing like a little pressure from the peanut gallery.

For NYE I decided on homemade pizzas.  The crust came out perfectly and they were a big big hit.

There was a LOT of dough so I made some cheesy bread buns out of the remainder….yummo! Doubling the recipe would have been enough for 3 thick crust or 5 thin crust pizzas, easily!

There was entertainment here last night.  A sock poppet theatre, beyond funny, I couldn’t grab my camera fast enough.  There were so many hilarious shots but here are a few that had me laughing my ass off.

I love that in this pic, he is giving me the side-eye, like I’m the crazy one.

I have NO idea what was going on at this point I was laughing too hard.

Now off to catch up on some of my favorite blogs….want to come along?

Today I’m going to visit Mommy Wants Vodka, Betsy Steps Out and Mom to Bee , always good for a smile. I will then fall down the warren hole that is decorating and knitting blogs for a few hours cause that’s what happens when I start out at Shabby Chic Cottage!

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