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Christmas Fayre

Posted by Allison on December 5, 2010

There was a Christmas Fayre at the kids school Saturday!  So much fun.  We headed over there after lunch and were delighted to see the bouncy castle and boxing ring.  The site of many head knots and stitches in years past.  Nothing says trip to the emergency room like these things.  Love it!

Mr. Magoo got his sites set on the boxing ring and wouldn’t budge cause all the other year 3 boys were in there beating each other to a pulp.  I don’t know who’s Dad this was but he was hilarious!  He was commentating the whole thing and  declaring winners, it was a hoot.  Plus he’s all European with the hat and cool jacket so that helps. (Side note to my Mom, did you know that if you click on the pictures you can see a bigger version of the picture? Just so you know.)

Mr. Magoo isn’t really a “joiner” so it was really nice to see him attack this activity with wild abandon.  And all the kids on the side lines were cheering for him!  Even his buddy he was boxing was encouraging him to hit him harder, it was so funny.

I can’t believe he could even pick up the gloves.


Yep it’s Christmas Fayre, not Fair.  Just like tyre not tire.

Nice day out, now heading home.  Mostly posting this pic to show smart ass Rhonda that all the snow has melted already because it’s plus 5 and raining in London.

One Response to “Christmas Fayre”

  1. Kathy said

    Wow that does look like a trip to the ER! Sorry your snow melted…..I’ll send you some of the 36 inches we have! Have a great week!

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