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Full of piss and vinegar…

Posted by Allison on December 3, 2010

I really have NO idea what that saying means but I’m pretty sure it describes me.  I’ve found my love of blog reading again so I’ve been spending all my spare time reading some amazing blogs instead of writing on my own for the last few days.  I know, I suck.

To make up for it here are a few of the places that have been distracting me from updating.

Mommy wants Vodka love a girl who uses the word ‘whore’ with wild abandon!

Toy with Me currently running a contest for a 24 carat gold VIBRATOR.  It’s like this site was made for me…a contest for a vibrator, perfect.

The Bloggess how can you NOT love someone who’s tag line is “Like Mother Teresa, Only Better”

What’s new here you ask?  It snowed.  Not enough to do anything but enough to shut Mr. Magoo from asking ‘When is it going to snow’ every damn day.

Someone needs to buy some ad time on all the national television stations here and start a campaign.  We need to come up with a catchy slogan and a jingle.  The women of the UK need to STOP wearing leggings and tights without any bottoms.  It’s  pandemic people.  It must be eradicated.  I’m about to start slapping random people in the streets.  That band around her ass is NOT a skirt, it’s her coat.  She is just wearing the tights.

Sneaky camera picture taking was thrown out the window when I saw this next outfit.  I literally ran down the street, searching through my purse for my camera while dragging Mr. Magoo so I could capture this next vision of lusciousness.

Tis the season.

My goal next week is get a picture of this one lady who is wearing a full length fur coat and fur hat at MINUS ONE DEGREE!  She’s hilarious but I keep missing my opportunity to sneak a picture.  Well that’s not completely true, the one time I could have taken the picture I walked into the fruit/veg stand trying to be all stealth-like and eggplant went everywhere.


6 Responses to “Full of piss and vinegar…”

  1. Rhonda Thiessen said

    Clinton and Stacey, EAT YOUR HEART OUT! Allison’s on the job for bad dressers! Oh my word, I love your blog…you are so funny. I would have loved to see you knock over the eggplant! Thank goodness you mentioned something about the snow, it was awfully quiet on your end, no gloating…I was getting worried!

  2. K said

    I recall last Christmas reading an article in an online newspaper about British women wearing tights as leggings. Wow, it’s not cute.

  3. trininista said

    My eyes! My eyes! Stockings are stockings. Tights are tights. It is just one of those fashion trends I do not understand. I also do not understand heels on icy pavements which I wrote about today. So many odd things.

  4. Kristina said

    Always love knowing who is reading what and finding new blogs to surf. Thanks!

  5. ashamelessagitator said

    I love your blog, so witty! And I agree tights are NOT pants. I try to tell my fellow students this but with little success 🙂

  6. anji said

    we use that term in the ottawa valley 🙂

    It pretty much means, if someone is feeling sick or – they’re coming back from something that knocked ’em down, you can say, “Wow, he’s full of piss n’ vinegar again!”

    Essentially, you have got back your reason for living 🙂

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