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My boyfriend’s back and there’s going to be trouble..

Posted by Allison on November 25, 2010

I have a boyfriend here in London, we see each other every morning when I walk Mr. Magoo to school.    He takes his walk down to the local pub every morning at the same time that I am walking to the school.  Some days after school I see him heading back home.  Every day no matter the weather I see him heading down the street.  He uses two canes and I can see that it’s a struggle for him but I try to encourage him as the exercise has got to be good for someone his age.  We talk about our weekend and he calls me his sweetie.  He flirts with me shamelessly (unless his wife is there, then he just tips his hat and say, mornin’ very politely).  A couple of days ago I had a headache so my oldest very nicely said he would walk his brother to school.  Yesterday when I met up with my boyfriend he was so happy to see me!  He told me he was quite confused to see my little one walking to school but then he said something that has solidified him as my favorite boyfriend of all times.  He said, “I saw ‘im walkin’ with your hubby yesterday”.  I told him that it was in fact my son, and he said ‘that big tall man?’  and I said “yes, I guess I’m older than you thought!”  He said “you’re still young enuff for me, Miss!”  He makes me giggle every morning.  This morning he said “You know who I saw on the street yesterday?” and I said “no, who?” and his reply was “Everyone I looked at!!”….So cute.



9 Responses to “My boyfriend’s back and there’s going to be trouble..”

  1. Michelle said

    Awww that is sooo sweet. But let me get this right: your boyfriend is a lush who starts drinking at 8:00 in the morning?

  2. Lael said

    Awww,I wish I had a boyfriend like that!
    Perhaps he just stops into the pub for breakfast..or may be he has one drink a day and that’s that. Or,may be he is a lush but who cares! He makes you smile and that’s what counts:)

  3. lesa said

    sweet story alison, he resembles the boyfriend you met in paris too 🙂

    • Allison said

      I have them all over the world. There is no danger of Scott losing me to anyone under the age of 70. I love old guys, they know how to flirt properly!

  4. trininista said

    I have many unwanted boyfriends sadly. The dude who picks up the leaves. The National Rail ticket-checker guys. I don’t mind men being friendly but these guys REALLY think they are my boyfriends. lol.

  5. Carlyle said

    your boyfriend is a Zen Master who recognizes that there is never nothing going on, all we have to do is look. He also seems to know that nothing is more important than people, say hello to him from me tomorrow.

  6. ben said

    i want a bo y friend

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