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This & that…

Posted by Allison on November 24, 2010

Spoke to my mother today and realized that I’ve made the mistake of updating on facebook and not keeping the blog land in the loop as much as I should.  My niece remarked that I don’t post as many pictures about London as I did in Germany.   Which is odd, because I LOVE LOVE LOVE London and I’m constantly taking pictures but I forget to upload.  So this post is a bit of an all over the place update.

Last week the year 3 class (grade 2) had their assembly.  Here they are dancing to their song, “Respect Yourself”, which sounds NOTHING like the “Express Yourself” by Madonna in case you were wondering.   There were dance moves and off key singing and they all gave it their very best!

Here is Mr. Magoo addressing the audience.  He was ADORABLE!  Oh it was their first non uniform day which meant there were a LOT of crazy little outfits at school.

Every day when we walk home we go past a grape vine.    It’s the end of November and there are still grapes on the vines.

This last picture is to show my mother that they are truly hanging over the fence onto the public walkway and I’m not stealing them by hopping a fence into someone’s yard.

Yummy, yummy grapes.

So yeah, the weather.   I am still grateful every day that I no longer have to deal with minus 35.  It’s still different and cool to live in this type of climate.  The other day I walked outside to this….

The fog didn’t “lift” like you would think it would….it was still like this at 4 in the afternoon!

And last but by no means least, an update on the leaf situation!  The county came by the other day and picked up the pink bags of leaves.  While I was doing dishes I heard what I thought was a giant leaf blower.  I was wrong it was a giant leaf SUCKER!

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