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Learning to cross the street.

Posted by Allison on November 18, 2010

I’m 41 years old and I’m finally learning to cross a street.  I grew up in Saskatoon and I’ve lived in Edmonton and for a short time in Putnam Connecticut.  I’ve traveled the world from Trinidad to Germany and now the United Kingdom.  In all my years I’ve gone from one side of the road to the other, and only just now have a learnt to cross the street.  You see in Canada (and in fact Putnam) crossing the street is the equivalent of potatoes with nothing on them……boring.  People cross the street all the time and cars stop for them and let them go.  There are very few times when it’s dangerous to go across the street, including in rush  hour traffic. But now I live in LONDON (still love saying that) and things are definitely  different. *small side note I can NOT spell the word definitely I get it wrong EVER time I type it, it’s like some sort of mental block thing*  Crossing the street in London is a sport.  There are a million different types of cross walks and the only one that cars actually stop for is called a Zebra crossing.  Even at these crossing they do more of a slow down thing and then zip by as soon as you’re past their car.  So in general for anyone who is used to looking the other way, it’s a death trap every time you have to get to the other side of the road.  Fortunately, at every corner the good people of City of London roads department have realized that we all need a little help and right on the street they have painted directly on the road  “look left” and “look right” so as long as you’re at a corner the likelihood is that you’ll see the car before it hits you.


Any way, here is the street in front of my house a couple days ago.

I was concerned that it was my responsibility to pick up the mountains of leaves in front of my house but then I saw this happening.

I asked a worker I saw along the street if I was suppose to be gathering the leaves into the pink bags I saw everywhere and he informed me that no, it’s the county.  They come around and pick up the leaves here!  So cool.

And now my street looks like this..

By the way if you look closely at the above picture you’ll see another type of cross walk.  There are 2 yellow stands in the middle of the street.  The cars won’t stop for you to cross but it gives you a little rest area half way across so you can stand there while the cars zip past in both directions. When we first got here we thought the cars would stop….we quickly learned to grab the kids hands and run.  And yes the dude in the picture below is wearing sandals….he must be Canadian because everyone else around here is bundled up like it’s the North Pole.

6 Responses to “Learning to cross the street.”

  1. Kristina said

    So, there’s no law that pedestrians have the right of way, or any kind of crosswalk huh?

    • Allison said

      I really have no idea. I should probably look that up. All I know is that people cross where ever, around cars, between cars. We are less adventurous, we cross where we see a light or in the Zebra crossing most of the time!

  2. Kma said

    Laws barely matter when the cars don’t stop anyway!! Use your common sense; you’ll be fine!

  3. Dee said

    I almost died by getting hit by a dude on a moped when I was in London…trying to cross a street there is a whole other experience than in North America……

  4. trininista said

    OMG. Trini by proxy!!! SIS! lol

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