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Our stuff is here!

Posted by Allison on November 15, 2010

I’m not a big believer in ‘stuff’.  When we moved overseas we got rid of most of our earthly possessions.  It was an extremely freeing experience. So when you have so little ‘stuff’, being without it can be very frustrating.  So Scott went to Germany in a van and picked up our belongings. His buddy (below unpacking) and Scott had one fear as they traveled back….please don’t make us unload the van at the border!

Of course it was raining as we unpacked but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been!

And then there were boxes EVERYWHERE.  We may have 4 bedrooms but we have NO storage space so everything has to find a home.

My 7 year old can be quite helpful, here he is directing us where to put all his stuff.  Every time he would see something that belonged to him, he would unpack it immediately.  Eventually he got bored and just sat on as much of it as he could and played on the laptop.

We have some very nice areas set up now and we aren’t tripping over boxes constantly.  Here is the little display in the kitchen.  If you look close there is picture frame with 3 pics  of Edmonton.  I love things that remind me of people and place but aren’t necessarily obvious.  Those 3 flower pots are from my girlfriends wedding, so every time I see them I think of her…cool beans eh?

The picture at the top of the cabinet was painted by my Aunt Hulda, it makes me smile every time I look at it!

We are slowly getting settled in our flat and it’s quite comfy for us.  We won’t stay in here long term but it works for now.  Now that we are surrounded by our pictures and memories of home it’s MUCH better.

Now I just have to find a place for my second book wreath!

7 Responses to “Our stuff is here!”

  1. becks said

    It looks so cozy and cute!!

  2. Caitlin said

    I love your street! In the picture with the Van, with the fall leaves on the ground.. siigh. Too bad our leaves were gone ages ago.

  3. trininista said

    Visiting from the Hipstahs tribe on SITS. Nice to meet you and great blog. God…hope I can find time to read it. I miss blog reading. 🙂

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