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School dances…then & now.

Posted by Allison on November 12, 2010

Alvin Buckwold 1983.  That is where my mind goes when I think of school dances.  Yes there were a LOT of high school dance (Northern Pikes to name just one) but when I first think of dances what pops into my head is Alvin Buckwold elementary school dances.  I can close my eyes and see us girls (Dee, Jill, Rhonda, Mel, Pam the list goes on) and the boys (Lach, Brad, Kurt and the rest of those studly little buggers).  We were so cool.  We would all line up in the auditorium in 2 lines.  One line of girls and one line of boys.  We would sway side to side to the beat of the music en masse.  There were very few times when a boy would come all the way across the gym floor and actually ask a girl to dance.  It was more of a friend of a friend thing.  How it would go would be something like this, Boy A’s best friend (Boy B) tells Girl A’s best friend (Girl B) that Boy A wants to dance with Girl A and then Girl B runs over to Girl A and with a James Dean/Marilyn Munro type coolness a union would be forged.  This is also how we started “going around” Saskatchewan-ism for going steady.   It was a very sophisticated form of interaction with unfortunately more communication breakdowns than a game of telephone, resulting in severed friendships and broken hearts on a weekly basis.  It was all done in some way to avoid any direct conversation.  And because of this there was very little direct contact at that young age.  Well aside from a little game we called perverted football but that’s another blog post all together, which of course I would NEVER write….(send bribes directly I accept sock yarn).

Last night Miss Thing went to her first dance.  It was a dress up Halloween party at the secondary school and she was VERY excited.  It was from 7:00 until 9:30 p.m. and her Dad walked her there.  But to her complete relief was NOT one of the teacher supervising the event!  Here they are on the way to the school. She’s dressed as a ‘Dark Angel’ with bright blue eye shadow and glow in the dark nail polish to boot!

Apparently there was some dancing amongst the girls and Miss Thing even danced with a boy.  It was successful on many levels.  One she didn’t self combust from excitement and two she won best costume.  We didn’t get a chance to really talk about it as she went straight to bed last night but we are going out for a Mom & Daughter day tomorrow so I should get the full break down.

I don’t know how it all ended last night but I can’t wait to hear! I know how my dances ended.  A lot of close proximity swaying to Styx.

9 Responses to “School dances…then & now.”

  1. Melanie Morris said

    I absolutely love this blog posting! I was transported back in time. Still can remember those lines…with the guys doing that step together… step together dance or the few that would try something new like the step behind…step behind. Oh, and the songs at the end. The last song always seemed to be Stairway to Heaven which was fine if you were dancing with someone you were totally infatuated with…but not so fine if it was a “pity dance”. Excellent music video choices!

    • Allison said

      I remember close dancing with Shane Peterson to Air Supply, Making Love Out of Nothing at All.( I then had a crush on him for at least a week!)…good times.

  2. Laura said

    Perverted football… now that rings a bell! ha ha It’s kind of scary how you forget nothing Allison. And you have a blog. Very frightening actually.

    That was a great blast from the past… and wasn’t it all about Kurt, Lach and Brad? God they were cute!

    My son just started kindergarten and I remembered how the first day of kindergarten I met Pam and set my sights on Brad, which resulted in a lot of necking for years to come (with Brad, not Pam). It just made me think of how important that first day of kindergarten turned out to be!

    • Allison said

      My memory is NOTHING compared to Morris. I think it’s safe to say that we are all VERY fortunate she hasn’t written that book she’s always threatening to write!

  3. K Berger said

    Tell her that Dad supervising the dance is horrible! My Dad was a teacher in the middle school. I was pretty sure he did it just to drive me insane. He said he had too.. but really. Would it kill him to get out of it for a few years? I mean there was my 3 years then my sisters 3 but surely the principal would understand why he couldn’t do the dances. But no.. there he was. I totally blame that for my lack of social life all through school!

  4. Geoff Grant said

    I was one of those little buggers…I don’t likely fall into the “studly” part. I certainly remember those dances…probably because Mel reminds me of that kinda crap all the time. Those are the times you wish you could go back and relive…just for a day…cuz I’d probably ask ….. to go around with me (good time…good memories). And for some reason I remember the song “Celebration” by Cool and the Gang.

  5. Dee said

    Oh heavens, talk about a blast from the past on THIS one! Grade 8 dances, can’t beat em! I also remember Stairway to Heaven as a slow dance, and Hotel California…they were good cause they were long songs to dance to! My mom still has pictures of our Grade 8 graduation dance…all of us in our little dresses, the boys in suits….how cute we all looked, and YOUNG!
    Thanks for the memories!

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