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Halloween overseas…this year London.

Posted by Allison on November 5, 2010

Last year we did Halloween in Germany.  Very subdued affair as kids in our little town don’t trick or treat and we didn’t hook up with any military people to go on base.  This year we are back in a place where kids trick or treat!  So we were able to go out and gather some candy!!  Whoop!


We had a dog and a dark angel!


And tonight is Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire night!  So there will be lots of fireworks all around…can’t wait!

3 Responses to “Halloween overseas…this year London.”

  1. Kristina said

    Is it very varied overseas as far as communities that participate in trick or treating? Oh and enjoy the fireworks!

  2. How great that your kids were able to go trick-or-treating this year! 🙂 My kids dress up every year, but never get to go treat-or-treating because Halloween isn’t celebrated in our small town in Mexico.

    Stopping by to visit from the Hip-stah Tribe on SITS! 🙂

  3. trininista said

    Hey. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Not a single child came to our door for Halloween. My first Halloween and nada. Luckily I was out doing my own kinda trickin’ later that evening. lol

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