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I want to be a writer.

Posted by Allison on October 25, 2010

I am returning this otherwise good typing paper to you because someone has printed gibberish all over it and put your name at the top.  ~English Professor (Name Unknown), Ohio University

Everyone has dreams.  My dream has always been to be a published author.  I can remember years ago driving in my car or walking to school and starting my book in my head.  I don’t know why I’ve never pursued that dream but I never have.  I often think that there are millions of writers out there and my voice probably isn’t all that uncommon.  The other day I got an email from a very dear friend who said AND I QUOTE,

After ‘wasting’ 20mins reading your blog – i have no idea what its about…but i smiled the whole time cause its totally you and i could see you standing infront of me saying this stuff to me....

END QUOTE.  Trust me I wasn’t at all offended in the least by the ‘wasting’ part.  I laughed out loud.  And then I thought about it.  My blog is exactly what I want it to be, it’s my voice.  I write this blog because I love to write, it’s a journal and it’s a diary.  It’s a social conversation (usually with myself) about my life.  I spill my thoughts on to the page and truly enjoy the result.  Many people read it daily, including friends, relatives and complete strangers and I find that fascinating.  People who read my blog have gone on to start their own blogs, I think this is a compliment (well until they start blogs better than mine then I get bitter, I’m talking to YOU, you know who you are).  To date I know of 3 people who have started blogs and I take complete credit for it.  (and will continue to take the credit until they tell me to shut up).  I quite often get the question or statement about what to do when you don’t ‘feel’ like writing.  There are many times I don’t feel like writing but I’ve been told if you want to be a writer the most important thing to do is write even when you don’t feel like it.  That has been the advice I’ve passed along to everyone who asks.  I don’t necessarily follow it like I should but I think it’s great advice.

I would like to be a writer, oh wait, I’d like to be a paid writer.  I want to write a book in the same vein of my favorite author Jen Lancaster.  Why is she my favorite you ask?  Because she’s an every woman.  She is just a chick who took the time to write it all down.  And she does it brilliantly.  Her books are a slice of her life….I love that.  One of the authors of a blog that I read has just released a book it’s called Black and (A)broad and I’m so happy for her. Gorgeous black chick with a Dutch hubby and a couple of kids living all over the world and she writes a blog.  She’s my hero. Of course at the same time I’m green with envy!! So I’m FINALLY  going to do it, and by “it” I mean start my book.  I have no idea where it’ll end up but I’m finally going to do it for me.  I want to write a book of essays.  Of course with the secret ambition to publish it, become famous and have it turned into a movie so that I can get Lenny Kravitz to write the music for it and Jennifer Hudson can play me.  I’m thinking Gale Harold can play Scott and I’ll be forced to spend a lot of time with Gale so he gets the character, you know the essence of Scott just right.  Cause I’m nothing if not completely realistic.

Writing is a way of talking without being interrupted.  ~Jules Renard, Journal, 10 April 1895

Adding a picture of the Mr. Magoo & Miss Thing on the couch just a couple of minutes ago when for a brief moment in time they weren’t driving me crazy (ignore the yucky furniture ours is coming soon and we’ll be throwing all the landlord’s stuff into the attic!)

3 Responses to “I want to be a writer.”

  1. Cheryl said

    I’d also love to be a writer (probably after I get this horrid science article written & published though…there’s nothing more terrible than trudging through tons and tons of literature and then having to read all the backgrounds for those to evaluate whether the first was worth your time…)
    But obviously, I don’t want to write about science. So I think I need a little bit of “real life” experience. Needless to say, I read a lot. And “explore” around these new surroundings.
    Good luck on your quest to be a writer! I hope someday we all succeed (and I SINCERELY hope that books never go away for good – because I love books, their smell, their stories, etc.)

  2. Carlyle said

    Reading maketh a full man.
    Conference a ready man.
    And writing an exact man.


  3. K Berger said

    I will let you take credit… for now.

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