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I still craft…

Posted by Allison on October 17, 2010

This book wreath has been done to death in crafting circles but I didn’t see it until about a month ago and I really like it.  Finding crafting supplies has been a bit of a challenge for me here in London.  I’ve asked a few people and they tell me to ‘pop out to Watford’, which is fine if you have a car but it’s a 3 hour round trip if you don’t!  So I haven’t got out there yet.

I decided that the only wreath base I needed was something solid.  Most of the book wreaths I’ve seen use a Styrofoam wreath base but then I was over at Mustard Seed and I saw that when she did hers she just used cardboard.  So I asked dh to get a box out of the attic and he game back with this.

Perfect, at least I decided it was perfect because I thought it should work and I don’t want to buy anything. So I cut a wreath shape.

And started adding my book “cones” for lack of a better word.

I know at this point that I want a bigger wreath but I can’t do anything about it!  So I decide to finish off this wreath for Miss Things room.

Not the best example but pretty good for a first run at it.  Miss Thing will like it in her room and I now know what I want for mine.  Having an 11 year old girl for crafting mistakes/experiments always makes me feel like I have two kicks at the cat!

I know, I know, NOT the best example, but I like when crafters show you the whole truth and not just the perfectly done item at the end of a long process….So now I know, I want thinner ‘cones’ and a bigger wreath base.  I also want the inner circle to come out more of a circle but still not perfectly round. I also want to ‘brown’ the edges of the book with marker or some tea, I think more like the one I saw at The Shabby Nest,  which I originally discounting thinking I liked the bigger cones…ah well, on to the next one!

4 Responses to “I still craft…”

  1. becks said

    What I cool idea! I’m ADDICTED to DIY and crafting. Like obsessive, I think I need help addicted. I have been thinking for months now that I should turn formula cans into something. but I’m finally going to do it now. I think they would be cute for Christmas treats and also to use as planting pots. Trying to figure out toher ideas. Something that involves spray paint! Have you heard of the blog

    I think you would like her. She has amazing ideas! I am missing Hobby Lobby and Michael’s more than anything in this world these days. Do you know how to sew? I’m thinking of learning how to sew one of these days. It would be cool to be able to make my own curtains.

    • Allison said

      I’ve been sewing since I was in grade 9. LOVE sewing. Curtains is a great first step when learning to sew. Super easy and hard to screw up! Love centsational girl, she’s awesome. I can’t wait for our stuff, I miss my sewing machine!

  2. Michelle said

    Looks good. I saw one made from 2 embroidery hoops. Is that any easier to find? You should have some nice Canadian mail you some stuff. LOL

    • Allison said

      It’s so silly, there are just little things I can’t find. I’m sure they are here, I just don’t know where to look yet. I should probably give myself a break I’ve only been here two months and London is HUGE!

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