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Car boot heaven….

Posted by Allison on October 11, 2010

I’m living in the UK, car boot heaven and until yesterday I hadn’t been to a single one.  I used to watch BBC Canada a LOT back home and most of my favorite shows had to do with property but there were a few that had more to do with antiquing and car booting.  What’s a car boot you say?  It’s a flea market where people bring their goods to a field in their cars, open up the trunk (or boot as they call it here) and sell.

The guy in the picture above is selling fishing gear.  Now I don’t give a rat’s ass about fishing gear but I took the picture because it reminded me of Tommy back home.  I miss Tommy, I miss Tommy’s wife more.  Next is a picture of the rows of people at the car boot.  I could easily go to a carboot every weekend.  I love them!  Especially at the end when everyone is trying to sell off and you hear “50p for anything!” all over the rows.

Does everyone remember my dream kitchen?  You know a few months back I posted a picture of a kitchen that I love.  It was from a house that was for rent before we came to London.  Here’s a picture to refresh your memory.

This is my type of kitchen, beautiful tiles on the floor, a butler sink, open shelving, baskets everywhere.  In an attempt to someday have that kitchen I have started to be on the look out for things that are old, vintage, preloved…whatever you call it.  I don’t want anything new.  I want to surround myself with things that come with a story.  (this does NOT include the kitchenaid mixer I want to someday own, that can be new).  I want my home to be a reflection of our travels as well as really ‘green’.  Why buy new things when there are beautiful vintage things out there.   No more crap from the mass market for me, I want useable things that last.  On that note, meet the “new to me” items from the car boot.

GLASS JELLO MOLDS!  Seriously?  I’m in love.  I mean really in love.  I saw two sets at two different stands but I had to have these.  Got them for a pound.  Yep £1.  (mostly said it twice cause I finally figured out how to make the £ sign on my macbook, small things amuse me)

My second find was at the end of the field.  Most people would think this silly but most people aren’t crafters!  This is an old map.  It’s of France and Belgium and it’s in French.  Perfect.  All those crafters out there who are trying to make a new map they find look old will understand that 20 pence for a big huge map like this is beyond criminal and they are jealous and shaking their Modge Podge covered brushes at me right now.



That’s it.  It was a wonderful day although we did end up walking about 10K because I didn’t quite realize how far the Pennyfarthing Antique fair was from the Potters Bar car boot but Miss Thing was a trouper.  We can’t wait to hit up the next one!


3 Responses to “Car boot heaven….”

  1. Laura said

    I’m dying to go to my first car boot sale! How do you know where they are?

  2. becks said

    genious!!!!! i want to go to one!

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