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Send modge podge….and a glue gun.

Posted by Allison on September 12, 2010

So husband is gone.  To FRANCE.  When I would go on a grade 5 field trip it would be to Prince Albert, I’m just sayin’.   So I’m home with the monkeys and what happens, I have a crafting emergency.  You know where you are sitting there minding your own business and suddenly you HAVE to craft.  I’m sure some of you do.  The rest of you probably have very boring lives.  I’m making a book wreath..not exactly like this one at Living with Lindsday but close.  And I want to make something with sheet music.  I really like the look of these eggs at  Kellis house and I think I better try it out before I tackle something like an entire dressform like over at  White linen lavender fields or a table like at Miss Mustard Seed !! So Miss Thing and I went down to the Charity shop (there are at least 5 on the high street) and bought a paperback book and some sheet music.  There were some crumbled pieces at the bottom and the lady at the shop threw them in.

By the way, I showed Mr. Magoo in his uniform, here’s Miss Thing in hers.  Upper school is so different.  I can’t believe she’s in Upper School.  Here it goes year seven to year 11 (grade 6 to grade 10).  So she’s in with the big kids (and big boys much to her father chagrin).  The upside is that her Dad can show up at the school at anytime, she has no idea when so it keeps her on her toes.

My inlaws are in town!!!  They are over in London and we’ve already seen them twice!  Love it!  They have made both of us very happy and extended their sons life by YEARS by giving us the best Christmas present EVER!  (yes I know it’s September).  Here is our new baby!  We’ve been ogling this baby since we saw it in action at my friends Bets house.  We had always thought the coffee wouldn’t be that great when we saw them before, man were we wrong!  We had a week of the best coffee ever and we were hooked.  Now we have our very own.  WHOOP WHOOP!  I’ve even found a place to recycle the discs, so the environmentally friendly part of me is thrilled too!

The first cup of coffee is brewed…..

High excitement throughout the flat.

My father in law pretty much didn’t know what the big deal was, as long as he got his cup of coffee.  He needed it cause later there was cribbage.   And let’s just say I didn’t let the fact that he had just made me the happiest girl in London, stop me from kickin’ his ass.

That’s our corner of the world for today….Cheers!

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