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Uniform, uniforms…

Posted by Allison on September 10, 2010

So the kids have uniforms.  You would NOT believe how much time this takes off the beginning of the day.  We can wake up have breakfast and head out the door.  There is no thought at all about what to wear, if this favorite or that favorite is clean.  It’s just put on your uniform and go to school.  I love it.  It also means I’ve had several conversations about uniforms over the last few months.  First with my daughter who hated the idea of having to wear a uniform.  She thinks of herself as a little fashioniasta so the idea of having to wear the same thing as everyone else was horrific!  I have had many comments about how uniforms stifle individuality with people and I understand where they are coming from but I love them.  I think the reason is that all kids wear a uniform whether it’s dictated by the school or their peers.  They are subject to keeping up with trends or being the same as everyone else and never are really showing any individuality anyways.  When I grew up it was fancy ass jeans and a grey sweatshirt.  Actually it was a grey bunnyhug but since most of the world outside of Saskatchewan doesn’t know what the hell I’m talking about when I say bunnyhug I’ll just say hooded sweatshirt.  Then it was some other trend and we all followed it mindlessly.  Except for the one individual who started the trend the rest of us were just wearing a uniform of conformity.  We all thought we WERE being individuals but there were very few of us who stepped outside the box laid out by our peers.  It just wasn’t done.  And it was expensive.   Not as expensive as today where fitting in means 100 dollar shoes or a bag with a ‘name’ but it was costly.  The funny thing about my kid is that she would rather DIE than wear something uncool or that could be judge uncool by her peers, she isn’t any different from other 11 years old girls in that way she now just wears a uniform dictated by the school and not by what little Sally Underpants from down the street has decided is ‘cool’ for the moment.  She doesn’t realize I’m saving her from years of scorn because there is no way in hell I’m living out of a box so she can wear the latest trends.

What I like about uniforms at school is it forces the kids to find other ways to express their individuality.  You’re status isn’t what you have on your body.  It’s not about how much your parents can afford to dress you in.  There is an equality in that I think.  There is also something very sweet about walking down the streets of London and seeing all the kids from the various schools in their blazers and sweaters (sorry jumpers i’m in london now).   There is an identity that they are members of an elite club a school that they should be proud of and an expectation that they behave in a certain way while wearing their uniforms.  I’m sure it doesn’t happen all the time, but when the shop keeper can just call up the Head of School and say, hey three of your little rugrats were making a mess in my shop and swearing to beat the band…that’s cool.

So uniforms, I’m a fan, what are your thoughts?

One Response to “Uniform, uniforms…”

  1. Michelle said

    I would have hated it as a kid for the same reason Nadia did. But as a parent, I love the idea. My kids are little, so I still usually pick out what they wear, sometimes with their help. And with twin girls, sometimes there is fighting over who gets to wear which shirt. So I try to pick out their clothes the night before to eliminate morning indecision. In the morning, after they come in our room for a snuggle, we can send them back to theirs to get dressed with little drama. I don’t know how long this blissful state will last, so I’ll hold onto it while I can.

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