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Shabby chic, okay right now it’s just shabby.

Posted by Allison on September 5, 2010

So the decorating is starting, well not the actual decorating but the planning process.  I know what I’d like the ‘feel’ of our house to be like and I’ve spent so much time going through blog land looking at different projects that i feel like I can get a good start on the decorating and make this horrible little house look half way decent.  I should correct myself, the house itself isn’t horrible, it’s an Edwardian maisonette with high ceilings and nicely proportioned rooms.  The maintenance of the house is horrific.  Example, the bathroom.  In these houses usually the toilet is in a separate room from the bath and sink.  The landlords in their wisdom moved the toilet into the bathroom and made the toilet room into a shower room.  Sounds smart but isn’t…the bathroom is now small and crapped.  The workmanship on it is worse than if a preschooler did it.   Apparently since the neighbor moved downstairs she has been flooded on several occasions and had to fight for a year to get them to repay her for the damage.   They did this (I think) because the boiler is in the bathroom above the bath and they wanted a shower.  Dumb.  They could have moved the boiler into the kitchen and avoided a big mess.  Or they could have just said, hmm, no shower.  The carpets in here are absolutely  disgusting so I think I’ll get nice area rugs in hopes of distracting me from looking at them…and since our next place will hopefully have hardwood floors I will be able to transfer them.  The floor boards are so bad that the neighbor downstairs had to sound proof her room or go crazy.  Luckily there is double glazing and the sounds of the street are almost nil.  The super positive about this place is that it is far below market value because of the bad shape it is in so it allows us to live VERY close to Scott’s work with 4 bedrooms and enough space without having to scrimp and save for the next year.  It also allows us to take some pretty cool vacations (can you say CROATIA! TURKEY! PORTUGAL!) during the school year that we might not have been able to do if we were paying the high rents that this area usually demands.  The places can go up to double what we are paying easily if they are in good kit, so the landlord is basically just throwing money away, which if fine by us……And if we are able to set up on a semi permanent basis in London we can do that from a much better position at the end of the lease.  We will know the area and exactly where we want to live, we will be looking at a time when landlords are desperate for renters instead of during the high season like this time when we were competing with international students for places and didn’t have a clue and got pretty desperate by the end of it all.

That being said, here are some pics to give you an idea of our new digs…

Nad’s room.

The Den of Love….also known as my as DH’s room.

Mr. Magoo’s room

Em’s room, he got the cool window….bugger.

The state of the art dryer…

The coolest stove tope kettle…also known as our coffee maker, oatmeal maker and anything else we need it to be.

Anyway back to the decorating part of it,  I did a recognizance mission after DH mentioned the downstairs neighbor had put out a wine rack for the garbage men to pick up.  For some insane reason she had thrown away a perfectly good wrought iron wine rack.  After giving it a lift to make sure it had some weight to it, I brought it up to our flat.  Not sure what to do with it though….maybe painting….I think it would look really cool if it was grey.  I’ll have to think on it, but any ideas are welcome. (aside from the obvious, fill it with wine)

We have VERY limited internet but I HAD to share this pic of Mr. Magoo trying on his school uniform yesterday.  They have a much more formal uniform with blazer and tie but it’s too hot for that for the beginning of the school year.  He said the hat is too heavy and the shoes are too lumpy.  He then proceeded to sneak into our room to get his uniforms so he could sleep with them last night.

3 Responses to “Shabby chic, okay right now it’s just shabby.”

  1. Betsy said

    I am saying it’s already shabby Chic … what are you talking about girl! And if you paint that wrought iron I may have to ccome over and throttle you! I would add a few ivy to it to be sure .. but leave that puppy alone!!! Perhaps even a few small grapes .. (yes I may have a few to spare) .. or some dried blueberries … very nice!

    Just some colour with some cushions here and there .. try Argos .. very inexpensive! And perhaps a matching throw here and there for that POP! you need! ok .. so perhaps the curtains require a bit of work .. perhaps some hand painting would work .. get the kidlets on that! Or just ditch the curtains and just ;leave the lace … if no one can see in .. that’s where I might go!

    Handpaint something on those bath walls … something tres cool .. some flower power in there will be all it takes .. and less is more!

    Hey .. same as our kettle (I’m thinking Argos!) but ours is red! Pick a colour for the kitchen accessories and liven that up as well! Bright yellow, red .. yummy!

    YOu will do a super job!

    Love the Uni!! and how is the teenage boy doing? hahaha

    We miss you all but have fun making the place your own!!!! Did you get a cribbage board yet? Are you more or less insane? hahaha

    • Allison said

      If I told you how much I’m missing you I would sound like a stalker. I think once we have pictures up and some shelving it’ll look really nice in here actually. I think I may be leaning to leaving the wine rack alone but no promises…tee hee.

  2. becks said

    I think its cute! And you will make it home in no time. Plus traveling will be awesome! For the longest time italy was the place I always wanted to go. But then I saw pictures of Dubrovnik, Coratia and that is where we are planning our bid trip next summer! Plus its cheaper than Italy. Im finally catchiung up on blog reading and such. Hope all is going well 🙂

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