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Next up, Crazyville…

Posted by Allison on August 21, 2010

We’re here!  We’ve actually been here for over a week but it’s been crazy.  Fortunately the tides are turning, things are looking up, the silver lining is shining through, etcetera, etcetera,etcetera.  We are only a few short days away from our new home and we are now comfortably residing at our good friends house outside of London.

Here we are during our train trip to London.  We left the vineyard that we stayed in for a week after moving out of our house.  We had a rental car but we all couldn’t fit in, so Nads and I took the train.

We met up with the guys in Cologne to take the Eurostar to London.

Two place you always see no matter where you are….The Body Shop….

and Starbucks…

And everywhere there is a crowd in Germany you are sure of two things, buskers…

and bike rentals…

Nads forgot to bring her camera so she had to use the Canon…not bad, daughter…not bad.

2 Responses to “Next up, Crazyville…”

  1. Kristinma said

    Any leads on a house yet? I hope you find yourselves comfortably settled soon!

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