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365 days…

Posted by Allison on August 9, 2010

Yup, that’s a year.  Today marks one year of us being overseas.  When we leave tomorrow will have been in Germany  366 days.  How cool is THAT?

I’m spending the day packing up and doing laundry but we did get a nice stop at a local antique store.  The place was AMAZING.  We went to Antiquitaten Spatenmuhle (with dots about the second A and the  U but i’m too lazy).  Actually the family waited in the car and I walked around with my mouth hanging open.  Good thing the common sense kicks in when you have to carry every thing in a few suitcases.  There was very cool things all over the store, too rich for my blood and too heavy for our suitcases!  Got a lesson in buying when you see it though, a while back at a flohmarkt I saw a really nice set of canister but didn’t buy them because they ‘seemed’ expensive at 40 Euro.  At this little antique store they had 1 smaller canister with the word TEE on it, and it was 35 Euro!  Oh well, lesson learned.

We are off to take pictures of the windmills because I will be CHOKED if I leave and forget to do that, I’ve got far away pictures but I want to see if we can get close up.

Anyway, happy living overseas anniversary to us!  Much more later once we are no longer using internet sticks to connect with the outside world.

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