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Good bye Germany Part 1….

Posted by Allison on August 5, 2010

As our final days in Germany wind down I’ve been very reflective about our year here.  It hasn’t been easy, no doubt about that, but it’s been one of the most exciting years of my life.  Germany is such an amazing country, filled with interesting and fun people.  I  knew almost nothing about Germany before we moved here and I’m so glad that we’ve had this opportunity.  Our next adventure will have it’s share of frustration but I feel like we’ve had our trial by fire.

There is so much that I’ll miss once we leave.  As far as food goes, I will miss the pretzels!  The nice warm pretzels that we buy at the bus stop in Seckenheim, 3 for a Euro.  There is nothing like eating a warm soft pretzel on the bus on the way home.

I will miss the crazy transportation.  There are bikes everywhere, and scooters.   I love that everyone rides.  From little kids on there bikes with no pedals to old men who can barely walk who ride their bikes to the grocery store. I love that women ride their bikes in skirts!

I love that you see people on bike treks all over the place, coming on and off the trains with bikes filled with gear.

I love the scooters that are all over the place.  Not many motorcycles but tonnes of scooter.

When the price of gas is high people vehicles get smaller and smaller and that is the case in Germany.  There are so many different small vehicles over here, we love discovering new makes and models that aren’t available in Canada.

Random 80’s acts…I love walking down the street and seeing posters for bizarre 80’s acts playing locally.

Roll your own cigarettes.  I tell you in Germany it’s a whole new level.  People roll there cig’s everywhere, today on the tram this girl across from me was rolling a cig.  She pulls out the paper, the filter and the tobacco and expertly rolls a smoke.  I thought I was cool when I could make smoke rings in 1oth grade.  This is taking the skill to a whole new level.

Dogs are  everywhere, people take them into restaurants, on the trams and into Media Markt!

Dad’s and their babies.  I think parenting in different countries shows you different ways of doing things.  Dads back home are involved but over here I see more Dad’s taking their kids back and forth on a daily basis.  I think it’s because everyone is on public transport so you see more people.

There is too much to mention when I really try to pack it into a blog post it’s impossible.  I’ve met people from all over the world.  The kids having a year at International school has been exciting and scary.  They’ve met people from all corners of the globe, they’ve expanded their vocabulary in English (there are a lot of ways to say rubber boots) and learned a little bit of German.  Elijah had the most amazing speech therapist this year.  If we wouldn’t have come to Germany we never would have met Julia and I can honestly say that it almost brings me to tears the passion she showed for my baby.  She changed the way we feel about the profession.

I now have friends from all over the world.  Crazy Brits and hilarious Norwegians,  a friend from Italy that can make a tirmisu that would make you weep with joy when you taste it and an American friend or two in the mix.  I now know a member of an Olympic handball team and have an open invitation to watch them in the 2012 olympics!  Trust me, if there is anyway possible there will be some loud  Canadians in the stands in London 2012 olympics cheering on the icelandic handball team! It’s been far and above what I could have dreamt of just 12 months ago.  By far the best part about living overseas has been to rediscover myself. I’m more myself than I have been in years, and I’m grateful for that. Best of all,  I have a new ‘little sister’ who would probably DIE to be referred to in that way but if you would have told me I would met someone who I’d felt I’m known for years in a few short months I never would have believed it.  But I did, and I know we’ll be friends for life.

What I’ll miss about Germany could fill two blog posts, so this is just part one.  I wish I would have met more people and spent more time IN with some Germans.  Our next stop is scary and exciting but also the anticipation is killing us.  We feel like we’ve kind of got this thing down, this International living.  Hey at least the booze is cheap!

6 Responses to “Good bye Germany Part 1….”

  1. becks said

    I love this post and all the pics! You were MEANT to live in England! Cant wait to hear about your new adventures 🙂

  2. becks said

    did my last comment post??

    • Allison said

      You’re so cute, I have comment moderation turned on! So I get an email and then I approve the post! Much slower now that my internet is a crappy stick! don’t worry I’ll always approve you!

  3. Kathy said

    Yes the booze is cheap! Now that we are back in the States I can reflect back on what I miss about Germany, you hit a lot right on the head. I miss living in Europe but I’m happy to be back in USA, but I look forward to my next Europe vacay. Good luck in your next adventure!

    • Allison said

      We’ve only been overseas a year, besides family & friends all I miss is my garbage disposal! I’m sure that’ll change.

  4. Kristinma said

    Well done Allie ~ your move, your work, your friendships, your self development, your drinking! 😉
    Your last 2 paragraphs actually brought tears to my eyes. I’m happy and sad and excited for you all
    at the same time. You truly are “living the dream.” Enjoy!!

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