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Linky day…

Posted by Allison on July 17, 2010

A lot of people ask me what blogs I read on the internet.  And by a lot of people I mean one person.  I haven’t updated by links on the side of the blog for a long time but I still visit most of those sites at least weekly.  But there are others that I visit and I think I’ll make today linky saturday and share some of the very cool places I visit around the web.

*Side note to my mother*  If you click (with your mouse) on these links they will open a new ‘page’ and it might seem like I’ve disappeared, I haven’t, in fact my blog is still open because I’ve set it up in a way that each ‘link’ is opening a new page.  All very exciting isn’t it.  Oh and you open these ‘links’ by clicking on the bold burgundy words.  If you can’t quite get it, no worries, isn’t that grand daughter of your in town?  She’ll show you.

One of my favorite places on the net is The Shabby Nest (click right there Yvonne, you can do it).  This is blogger is one of those special breed who can ‘see’ things from scraps.  She also does something that makes my heart happy.  She reconditions so much.  I love the earth friendly approach and decorating without breaking the bank.  And the LINKS, she puts up a bazillion links and you can end up surfing the internet looking at amazing ideas for hours. Her Frugal Fridays are the one post I’m sure not to miss every week.

Another pleasurable stop for me is Callihoo Soup like she says it’s a little bit of everything.  Funny cause I’m not a scrapbooker at all but I like the flow of her blog and she does have a baby that is so delicious I could eat him up with a spoon.

I also like to check in with Memories of Mine to Thine.  I suppose you can see a theme of the types of blogs I like, they are about natural living and the fact that this blogger has chickens helps too :).

The blog A House In Poland has really kept me interested lately.  This couple is sooo cool.  They are slowly but surely making inroads on a move to Poland.  Right now they are in Wales, after moving from London.  Their story is fascinating and exciting to follow along.

I LOVE this next blog, it’s called Transplanting Me and after a short break she is back to blogging and I couldn’t be happier.  They are a family living in Thailand her posts keep reminding me that the reality of living in Thailand is very different than the dreams I conjure up in my head. Her post ‘Shoot me Now’ made me laugh out loud at the computer.

I love Pandora charms so I must admit I spend an awful lot of time building dream bracelets with their super cool, build a bracelet feature.  But that’s not really a blog.

There are many more and I’m going to try to give shout outs when I can, there is an amazing community of bloggers out there…and they entertain, teach and amuse me daily.  This is just a sampling to get you hooked.

In the midst of writing this blog post the mail man showed up!  I’m so excited!  Not for the mail man, who is in reality a woman but because of what she brought.  A very sweet friend of mine hunted through Edmonton for me and today I got this in the mail…

At this point I’m DYING with anticipation but like a good blogger I’m taking pictures before opening.

It’s a CANADA charm!!!

Here it is on the bracelet, my first bracelet is now full after almost 7 years of collecting Pandora and I’ve decided that my second bracelet is going to charms of the world! It’ll be way to commemorate where we travel over the years so I’ll move my maple leaf to the second bracelet as soon as I pick it up.  I’m also getting an Edelweiss charm to symbolize our time here in Germany.

Oh and here’s a better shot of the boxes.  I received two black ones after asking on the Official facebook Pandora page and then was able to get one from the Heidelberg Pandora store the other day.  I only have one bracelet right now, but it’s best to plan of the inevitable….right?

2 Responses to “Linky day…”

  1. becks said

    LMAO!! I love how you tell your mom “If you click (with your mouse)” oh em gee. Thats freakin hilarious!

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