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Posted by Allison on July 15, 2010

How many of you truly appreciate the beauty that is Clueless?  I don’t remember when I first saw the movie but I have loved it forever.  I’m a HUGE Jane Austin fan and any time there is a modern adaptation of a her work I get excited.  I love movies that play on the original theme in a new and exciting way.  Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You is another example, it’s The Taming of the Shrew in case you haven’t seen it.  And it’s brilliant.  Clueless did the adaptation of Emma beautifully and it’s timeless.  I can watch it today and still enjoy it as much as I did the first time.  There are quotes in that movie that I STILL overuse to this day…nothing can replace a good “AS IF”.  And if you want to know where GLEE got the original walking down the hallway chatting on the cellphone schtick, it’s from Clueless.  And don’t even get me started on Heathers…..Anyway, I have rediscovered Alicia Silverstone.  She has an amazing website called The Kind Life and I have been fixated on it for weeks.  I’m pretty sure it’s going to instrumental in my change in lifestyle and diet, you know once I’m out of the land of sausages.

By the way this trip down 80’s movies memory lane has brought two perfect clips to my mind

*side note how fricking cute is Paul Rudd does the dude never AGE?!?!?

First from Clueless.

and next the scene because I started searching for the Clueless clip and stumbled upon this one…had to post.

Speaking of Clueless, Mr. Magoo’s speech therapist is a doll.  Today at one of his last appointments she gave him a gift.  He was so excited to open it that he barely got through the door before he was ripping the paper off.  Well some how she found a version of a game that Elijah LOVES.  It’s a German guessing game where the players wear masks and then pick items out of a bag.  Without seeing what the item is you have to guess, purely by feel.  If the person can’t figure it out, the other person gives clues. At the beginning of the year Mr. Magoo didn’t quite understand the whole concept of clues.  Saying ‘its a dog’ was his idea of a clue.  He was definitely CLUELESS (nice tie in eh?).  Now his clues make me laugh out loud, they are priceless and only from the mind of my crazy 7 year old.

Best clue of the day.  “It’s got a hump and you ride it, but it’s not a butterfly”

2 Responses to “Clueless.”

  1. Meech said

    Ooh Paul Rudd. Hubba Hubba. Love Brittany Murphy performance too. R.I.P. and the fabulous Stacey Dash, she could still play a teenager. I saw her on the Wendy Williams show the other day and she looked amazing.

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