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What NOT to wear…

Posted by Allison on July 14, 2010

I like to shop.  I’ve always liked to shop.  The last few years I have bought almost no clothes for myself.  I’ve blamed the lack of new clothes on the move, finances and other outside issues but the fact is I stopped enjoying the act of clothes shopping.  Every time I went to find something, I ended up feeling low about my body.   I had really let myself go and I think I only really acknowledge it when I was in a fitting room with fluorescent lighting.  I’m fairly tall (statuesque I was called the other day by someone, i just about kissed her!) and I know I hold my weight well, but over the last couple of years it sky rocketed.  Well that’s not completely true.  My weight is fairly stable, HOW I carry it changed.  I have the best legs, really, I’m not being boastful, I have a heck of a set of gams, always have, but my mid section is atrocious.  So over the course of the last year I’ve seen my size diminish month after month.  I’m no where near where I want to be, but I’m definitely closer than I’ve been in years.  So the clothes shopping bug has bitten in a way that I haven’t had it in YEARS.  I’ve picked up very little because I know I’ll be working soon and the need for some work clothes will probably take precedence over a cute dress to go to the local market.  Plus I want to see how the people around me dress before, sound weird but style is different all over the world.  In the winter in Germany I was blown away by the way the locals put together a winter outfit.  So stylish and yet it looks like no effort to put together.  A pair of tights and a knee length skirt, some knee high boots put with a wool jacket, sweater, and scarf and voila you have a look that is so polished and put together that most days I felt like a frump.  I know that I’ve posted some of the best silly outfits I see around town but believe me they are in the minority, most people around here know how to put together an outfit.  The cool thing is that even when being casual, it’s still a ‘look’.  You see men in jeans, but it’s not with just a t-shirt, it’s jeans with a nice pair of shoes, a stylish top and the best part, a scarf!  Much more GQ look over here than at home.  I love that look on men.  I remember being in Paris and just about putting my neck out as I looked from one man to the next.  Not because I was some sort of weird sex starved idiot, I wasn’t looking at ‘them’ I was looking at their fashion!  I didn’t get the impression they were dressing up, this was just how they dress.  Very appealing, especially for a Canadian chick who is used to the Alberta men and their dressing style.  A whole lot of polo shirts and t shirts. I remember when I met Scott his entire wardrobe was polo shirts.  I hate them, always have.  I tried to eradicate them but to no avail no amount of pleading will separate a man from his polo shirt.  Don’t worry I feel the same way about the women. Bulky clothes and no effort. My friend Nippster is my biggest fashion inspiration she has a personal style that defies explanation, I would like to spend just one day in her closet, she is a risk taker who NEVER misses the mark. Funniest Paris story for me was at the Bikram studio.  At home when we go to yoga we wear something simple, yoga pants and a tshirt or something equally easy.  So when we were in Paris we did the same.  Well my friend, that is simple NOT done, as we dressed at the end of class on the second day one of the instructors commented ‘Oh! You look like you are going to another yoga class!”  She wasn’t being mean, she was just surprised by our attire.  We giggled at that comment for the rest of the week.  And we also stopped wearing yoga pant to yoga.  In London I noticed a lot of very well dressed people hanging about, but we were in the city so it’ll be interesting to see what people dress like in the outskirts.  Apparently cleavage is big over there…I’ll have to be sure to keep the girls ready for their close up!

I’m going to try to end up with an eclectic closet with some beautiful basics and some stand out pieces that will say who I am and what I am.  That is my goal for the next phase of my life.

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