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For Yvonne…

Posted by Allison on July 7, 2010


Since I just found out that my brother Craig put a icon on my mother’s computer for my blog and she can now read it, I thought I would do a post just for her!  My mother in law has been reading for years so she already knows all the crazy things I say on here but my mother is a internet virgin so I’ll lay off the swearing and the talk of how much wine I drink and give her a nice  post about ME!

Mom, since you keep asking here’s what I look like right now…

Technically the picture was taken earlier in the day but I haven’t changed clothes so right at this moment, it’s exactly what I look like. Don’t I look amazing?  I’m going to assume that you are saying a hundred things about how great I look.

We just finished our VERY German dinner in honor of the World Cup.  We had bratwurst and sauerkraut with Brötchen (buns).  Hopefully our little nod to German culture will bring good luck to the game tonight.  We are expecting a LOT of noise in our little town tonight with the horns and fireworks.  I hope they win as it would be sad to see it all end.  It’s been such a treat being in Germany during the World Cup, there is NOTHING like it at home.

Oh and here’s Scott on the last day of school this year…

5 Responses to “For Yvonne…”

  1. becks said

    you are so funny!

  2. Margaret said

    Great Pictures!

  3. Carlyle said

    Nice pics you guys both look so much healthier than when you left.

  4. Shelly said

    Aaaaw! Look at you guys! So cute!

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