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It’s hot as Hades…

Posted by Allison on July 4, 2010

Funny how quickly weather shows you who is boss.  I’m currently reading about the storm that took place in Yorkton.  As if the rain wasn’t enough and the flooding wasn’t damaging over half the homes there, then there was a tornado.  Weather in Saskatchewan….geez.  No worries is a few short months it’ll be minus 30 with a windchill and this will all be a horrible memory.  Ugh.

We are having our own weather issues here in Germany.  After the coldest winter in years Germany is having the hottest summer since I don’t know when.  To be fair the coldest winter for us wasn’t a big deal.  We quite enjoyed the brief snow and although the dampness in the air made for some cold walking to the tram it still was nothing compared to the months and months of freezing windchill filled days that we are used to.  The hardest part about winter over here is the lack of sunshine.  In the west we are used to yucky weather but at least the sun is shining.  Seasonal depression is very easy to slip into when you are used to seeing the sun every day.   I think next year I’m going to have to remember that so I don’t end up sitting in the house for days on end!  But I’ll take the days of grey skies over the scrapping of the car every morning.  At least for a few years.

Canada Day passed here with little fan fare.  There was a red and white dessert though and the kids wore their Canada tshirts.  Scott wore mine because it’s too big for me and his from last year looks like a dress on him.  I’m without a Canada shirt cause the men’s medium from home is too big.  Way too big….I’ll have to start looking for one on the internet cause you really shouldn’t be a Canadian abroad and NOT have a Canada t-shirt!  We also need a Canadian flag.  I can’t believe we never brought one with us.  There are plenty of flags around right now because the World Cup is on but since we don’t have a team in it (I know SHOCKING) none of the store are carrying them.

Yesterday we did have a bit of excitement.  Scott bought a disposable barbecue and we had our first cookout of the season.  For 2 euros you can buy a one time use hibachi.  I was fairly doubtful that it would work but it made some awesome hamburgers.

To give you an idea of the size of it, here’s a wide shot.

We have another one left so I’m sure as the weather stays about 30 degrees for yet ANOTHER week we’ll be breaking it out before too long.

One Response to “It’s hot as Hades…”

  1. Viajera said

    Sounds nice and relaxing. Too bad about your t-shirt. I’m furiously trying to find some of the Olympic gear, but when you do find them, there are no sizes. 😛 And when I went into stores after Canada Day, there was really not much great looking stuff left. May have to be Ebay.

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