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It’s a bug’s life…

Posted by Allison on June 6, 2010

Some of you might remember that a little over a year ago there was a chance that we might end up off a little island in Asia.  There was a super cool job there that we were in line for but we didn’t get.  There were sooo many positives to the job that we were extremely excited to go.  We did a tonne of research and told everyone how we would be living in the tropics.  The job ended up not coming through and then we ended up in Germany.  It was extremely disappointing at the time as I pictured us spending hours at the beach and traveling all over Asia.  I knew that it would be different as it was a Muslim country with strict rules but we were willing to go for a few years and have the experience of a life time.  Well we’ve been in Germany for almost a year and it’s summer time now.  June is warm and the sun is shining and I’ve never been happier that something didn’t turn out.  Cause let me tell you what I forgot about while living in Canada.  In Canada there are mosquitoes, the occasional house spider and worms after it rains.  That’s about it.  In Alberta there aren’t even rats.  There are mice that try to get into the house in the fall and there are gophers everywhere once you leave the city.  House flies are small and annoying  but more of a nuisance than anything else.  Let us just say, I forgot that around the world there are different types of bugs.  The very first night we were in our house in Germany I was attacked by what I’m pretty sure is the world’s biggest spider.  And it FLEW across the room with such speed I’m not convinced  that there wasn’t some sort of homing device trained on me.  There are some weird gecko type lizard things that scurry around and at one point I found one in my kitchen. Now as the weather is hot and muggy there are all sorts of flying insects all over the place.  There is a beetle type thing that looks like a ladybug but without the cuteness.  We have a fly that’s body is about an inch thick that has a buzz that makes me look around to see if there is a mopen nearby.  So it dawned on my the other day while I was running and screaming like a banshee because there was some sort of weird bug/bird thing dive bombing my head, that Germany has NOTHING on the tropics.  That as much as I absolutely love living without the 17 million month long winters we’d be best to stay out of a country where bugs are a daily, year long occurrence.   So when I start spouting off that I want to spend a few years in Asia before we come home can someone PLEASE remind me, I’m just not good with bugs.

2 Responses to “It’s a bug’s life…”

  1. Rhonda Thiessen said

    That’s totally the reason why I LOVE living in Canada (small bugs) and why I tolerate the long winters (kills those suckers and keeps the spiders relatively small). Think of all the money you’d have to spend on tranquilizers if you lived in Asia. Tarantulas and scorpions are freaky enough at the pet store, but can you imagine them running around and hiding in your home? I’ll be your cheering section and your voice of reason if you bring up this Asia business again :o) Your welcome :o)

    • Allison said

      But the BEACH!!! Come on, imagine the warm weather, the beaches, the sun. Never having to scrape your car. No winter coats, no boots, just flip flops every day!!!

      I really can imagine living somewhere tropical at some point. The only thing stopping me is the bugs.

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