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Mullets, Sneaker heels and Acid wash jeans…

Posted by Allison on May 30, 2010

The Haupstrasse was was a buzz with folks yesterday!  We headed down there to do a little walking and to reverse the effects of Saturday morning cabin fever.  There has been much discussion lately about the 80’s fashion reboot that seems to be overtaking the planet.  Well folks I honestly thought that you couldn’t get worse than 80’s fashion but it’s possible. You can.  All you have to do is REDO 80’s fashion.    Funny how being on the other side of 40 helps to clarify what looks down right crazy.  And acid wash jeans…you are it.

Bad shoe choices are another on of those things that makes me giggle.  This delightful example strolled by us and even the kids went “HOLY CRAP”!

I handed the camera off to DH to take this picture and pretend he was taking our picture.  I do believe he got caught.  This young gentleman is simultaneously pulling off the 2010 version of the mullet AND the acid wash jean look.  Sadly the shoes didn’t make the picture….they were bright red high tops.

Unfortunately when trying to be stealth like with a real camera vs. the camera phone you get some blurry shots.  I HAD to post this picture though because the overall outfit was too delightful to not share.

Talking about bad shoe choices…as many of you have heard from my facebook posts I had a mishap with a pair of shoes, some cobblestones and a long meandering walk through the city which resulted in some nasty blisters all over my feet. These shoes are the culprit. But at least now they are broken in nicely.  Sadly they aren’t even new shoes, I just forgot I owned them and then upon finding them HAD to wear them.  Shoe divas will understand.

So because of Friday’s mishap, Saturday didn’t see the debut of these delightful wedgies (another pair from Canada that I’ve never worn and forgot I had until unpacking the summer boxes). Instead I had to head out to the Hauptstrasse in my Sketchers.

Luckily, there were enough fashion victims out there to distract people from noticing my fashion faux pas.

3 Responses to “Mullets, Sneaker heels and Acid wash jeans…”

  1. Kathy said

    I could go crazy snapping pictures of fashion gone wrong….

  2. Chay said

    Oh thank you for speaking out to the autrocities of current fashion! It was hip in the eighties, but definitely needs to STAY THERE!!!

  3. Kristin said

    Totally lovin’ those espadrilles!

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