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Going stealth…

Posted by Allison on May 18, 2010

I’m thinking of making this blog password protected.  I never worried about who was reading this collection of private thoughts before but recently I’ve been considering only allowing my friends and family read about my exploits.  I would like to continue writing as I wish and I think in order to do that I should put some safeguards on this blog.  I would still like my regular followers to be able to find me though so I’m not sure how to do this…as many of you read anominously. At first I thought I would use a password that only certain people would know, like the name of my elementary school…but I do read other blogs and those people read mine and I want them to still be able to reach me.  Not sure what I’m going to do…ideas from other bloggers please!

8 Responses to “Going stealth…”

  1. I know that some bloggers have 2 blogs one for the things they only want certain ppl to see….so that might be an option. Or else you can start not accepting annonymous readersv which might help!

  2. becks said

    What do you want the blog to be? Obviously it’s a form of expression, but do you secretly hope and wish someone will discover it and grant you a book deal someday? Or do you want it to always just be your own personal reflections you like to share with people you like? Can you password certain entries? That would be cool.

  3. lillian said

    I know the delema.. There are actually only a 3 people who I really don’t like reading my blog.. I just try and ignore them. Password works but most people ( like me) are too lazy to type then in so you might loose readers. Real friends and family will log in no matter how long the password 🙂 keep blogging.. or like Melissa said start another one..

  4. Cheryl said

    As the others have mentioned, I’m pretty sure this is just kinda a personal decision. I’m not sure what I’d pick. I try to leave most of my personal life off my blog, so our blogs are slightly different too. Good luck with whatever you choose!!

  5. Viajera said

    “Oh no!” was my first reaction, but I totally understand because I, too, keep separate blogs. I have one blog for the general public and another for family and friends. On both blogs I use a pseudonym and don’t really publish full-faced pictures of myself and rarely any of the people in my life.

    Regarding the options, on other blogs people:

    * Give access only to those whose identities they are sure of
    * Have a grace period (maybe a week) where anyone who wants to keep following the blog provides their details; open it to them only
    * Make all readers sign in
    * Password protect some posts (access to a chosen few) but keep majority of posts public
    * Close current blog and start a new one, without notification to old readers (except the chosen few, of course)

    Whatever you decide, I enjoyed reading and I totally support a move towards more privacy.

  6. anji said

    I use a program called Word Press. It allows me to make some entries public, some private. So, maybe consider doing a switch to a program that lets you do that. Just tell those people who do not have access, exactly what you wrote. That way, the sensitive stuff you want kept “less” is protected and the stuff you aren’t too worried about, public.

    I can help you set it up if you like… i left my webpage on the comment so you can see what I mean. 🙂 I’m on yahoo if you want to chat about it…

  7. anji said

    …oops, I see you use wordpress here too. Huh. Weird. Do you have that option right now, to go optional password when you want? If not, let me know. I wonder if you use the online wordpress or if you have a server somewhere you keep your stuff. (two separate ways to use wordpress)… anyways, find me if you want to do it this way…

  8. Rhona said

    Well, I hope you don’t block me! 🙂 I don’t really hav any tips but I hope I am granted access as it is great to follow a fellow Canadian in Germany. I can understand though as while I was there, there were things I itched to write about but kept quiet. Let me know…either way.

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