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But it’s a DRY cold…

Posted by Allison on April 25, 2010

Ok all you western Canadians you KNOW who you are…we make the joke every time we’re talking to someone from another area than western Canada.  We say it to each other, we think we’re hilarious.  We aren’t.  It’s frickin’ true.   I’ve been colder in Germany at minus 5 that I’ve ever been at minus 30 in the middle of Edmonton.   It’s all about the level of moisture in the air.    And now we are approaching summer.   I know that we cherish the 4.5 days of summer we get in the prairies and we fondly look back at them through the nine million months of winter but I’m overseas now and things are different.  I remember how oppressive the heat seemed last summer when we got here but it was August but we were really fat.  The day we moved into the house I remember that Scott had a sweat pool on his STOMACH….I’ve put down the way the heat bothered us by the weight that we were and the manual labour we did over those first few days.  But heres the thing.  It’s 20 here today.  And it’s HOT!  We’re picnicking in the backyard for lunch and I have to keep coming in to cool down.  And it’s APRIL.  Oh and German houses….they ROCK at keeping the heat out.  Just keep your shutters drawn when the sun is hitting your house and it’s like there is air conditioning in these suckers!

I asked Elijah to model the new clothes for his baby cousin…he said ‘it’s too small’.  I assured him that it wasn’t for him, it’s for Kristine.  He’s okay with the sizing now…I’m hoping it fits for awhile but we’ll see, I haven’t been around babies in a long time, hard to judge.

I made some cutie patootie pants for the baby too but they still need to be finished tonight, but since we were taking pictures I got him to model these too.

And then as I fiddled with the camera too long,  he got bored and got silly.

5 Responses to “But it’s a DRY cold…”

  1. Lourie said

    When we lived in VA I remember the cold being sooooo cold. It was “hurtin'” cold. And then my first summer there, I thought I would die. It was so humid. So when people say, “It’s a dry heat” or “It’s a dry cold” I can truly appreciate it. CA is very different than VA. And yeah, I would be outside too. I just wish our house worked more like yours. It would save me a ton in electric.

  2. Kathy said

    I know it is so hot today….my 70+ year old neighbors were out in their euro bikini’s!! I’am dying feels like Florida! Have a great week!

    • Allison said

      I’m begging you to PLEASE take a picture of your neighbours!!! That is a site I HAVE to see!

      • Allison said

        Kathy! I have one too! Just upstairs doing the laundry and noticed that my neighbour lady has her bikini out and is ready for summer!

  3. Meems said

    The coldest I have ever been is one January in New Orleans. It was below freezing and so, so wet. I am a lot colder at 50 F in Florida than I am at 50 F in Pennsylvania, so I understood when my Florida friends and relatives were perturbed at their freezing cold snap recently.

    Cute sweater!

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