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Hot sexy frau on a bike…

Posted by Allison on April 24, 2010

So Saturday is usually grocery day and the whole family goes but we didn’t need a whole bunch as I’d stocked up when we’d rented to car to go to Brugges.  So for the quick trip I was going to take the bus or walk when it hit me, I should RIDE!  I love the culture of bicycle riding that is here in Germany (not as much as Amsterdam but still very high).  Every morning the ladies from all around my house hop on their bikes and head over to the various stores in the town.  Some of them are significantly older than me, like 70 and up.  So I keep thinking, I really need to start riding to the REAL.  It’s only about 2 km from my house and we walk or ride the bus usually.  The REAL is much cheaper than the store in my little town and I could go in the day time during the week  instead of walking up to the Nah & Frishe.   Today I did it!  I got the bike out of the garage and off I went!  When I left it was a little chilly so I wore my little sweater (big mistake it was baking coming home) and my purse.  I looked like a proper German housewife off to the market.

Really glad I didn’t know the extent of my friend’s injuries from getting hit by a car on her bike yesterday in Heidelberg, I probably would have chickened out!

4 Responses to “Hot sexy frau on a bike…”

  1. Kristinma said

    What inquiring minds really want to know, is about the shoes you’re wearing!!
    I’m glad your shopping travels were safe and that you had a good time too.


  2. Viajera said

    Bike envy! Love the pastel blue color

  3. Lourie said

    When I was 20 and didn’t have a car, a husband or kids, I rode my bike to the store all the time. When my oldest was between the ages of 1 and 3 I didn’t have a car or a bike, so we walked. Now I have a car and a bike. Guess which method of transportation I use. Good for you riding your bike. And I am sooo jealous of it. I want one like that.

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