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I’ll never be a farmer….

Posted by Allison on April 10, 2010

I have dreams of being an owner of a small holding in the country side of England.  I watch shows like “My Dream Farm” and “Build a New Life in the Country” out of the UK and wistfully stare at the screen.  I imagine having some chickens and eating fresh eggs every day.  I imagine there would be sheep.  I imagine sewing at a big wooden table and knitting by an open fire during the long dark winters.  I see the children playing in a cute stream and growing my own vegetables and living off the land. I see a deep apron front sink with a window overlooking the quiet few acres.  This isn’t a new dream.  I’ve had variations of this dream my whole life.  Today I got yet another reminder of why the likelihood that this dream is not remotely based in reality.  I made fried chicken.  One of my favorite foods on the planet.  But the chicken I buy at the local grocer (or at the butcher) isn’t as “clean” as the chicken I’m used to back home.  There are feathers still attached to every little nook and cranny of the damn thing.  I have to pluck the chicken before I can cook it, which usually results in skinless chicken and a lot of swearing…not from the chicken obviously.  I guess I’ll stick to being a small town or city girl.  But I can still dream right?

8 Responses to “I’ll never be a farmer….”

  1. becca said

    Sooooo not fond of this! I have bought skinless, boneless chicken and its fine. But for fried chicken you need the skin. Ugh that’s so gross. I too have dreamed of what seems to be a simpler life, but I really do love luxuries like Starbucks

  2. Alana said

    When I lived in England – I lived on a farm with sheep. Spring, was ‘lambing’ season. Within days, there were hundreds of gorgeous, baby lambs, bouncing around the garden. Soon after, it was Easter! and the baby lambs were gone. NO, my dear, you will NEVER be a farmer in England. Nor will you munch on chicken, while its still-living-cousin stands on the outside of your garden door, watching you chow-down on Henrietta! Keep dreamin’ though!

  3. Kristinma said

    Hmmm… then who am I going to get to come live on my farm with me and breed award winning spaniels??

  4. Swahili Girl said

    there are “de-featherers” you can buy… it’s a little machine that takes all that stuff off for you 🙂

  5. anji said

    oops, that swahili was me… with my “fake” email address (the one I give to spammer places!) sorry… it’s anji 🙂

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