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Ocean, Poppies and New Shoes…

Posted by Allison on April 9, 2010

Our little mini break to the coast was a huge success!  We traveled through Luxembourg to Belgium then home through the Netherlands (though not on purpose) and back to Germany.  Luxembourg may be small geographically but it packs a big whallop!  Absolutely a gorgeous country.  Although we were only there a few hours I could have spent days walking the streets of Luxembourg.  I should have done some research before we left so that we knew what to check out but we saw some breathtaking sites purely by accident.

After walking around we continued on to Brugges, Belgium.  We had been told that it was beautiful but seeing the city first hand was still quite a surprise.  The market takes place in the centrum every Wednesday and there were stalls everywhere will fruits, vegetables and flowers.  The streets were busselling with people, I can only imagine what it must be like in the summer.  The funny thing is we were in light spring coats but there were people in everything from flip flops to full winter coats.  I’m assuming the one family we saw decked out in full winter gear was from Spain (because they were speaking Spanish but I could be wrong).  The day was sunny and beautiful and we walked and walked and walked.

My great find for the trip was a cute pair of ballet flats.  True I’ve always said I wouldn’t wear ballet flats cause I think they make my feet look huge.  I’m not too big for my britches that I can’t admit when I’m wrong. I love a good deal and these suckers were 10 Euros baby!!!

Frivilous shopping behind us we headed off to find “vancouver corner” the memorial to Canadian troops in St. Julien.

It marks the spot where 18,000 Canadian troops withstood the first German gas attack of WWI between April 22 and 24th 1915.  2000 died and are buried nearby.

There are MANY memorials (we counted 3 Canadian memorials alone) around the area which was the place of MANY losses to the allies in WWI.  Many troops were re-interred at Tyne Cot Cemetery.  It is an awesome site.  Nadia was quite blown away by the sheer number of graves and that so many where unknown.  Trying to put it in to terms she could understand was daunting but she came away expressing such pride in being Canadian, she wanted to tell everyone on the street that she is a Canadian.

Geography lessons would be a good idea for me as for the life of me I could remember what this large body of water would be, I just couldn’t see it in my head. (it’s the North Sea).

There were people set up for the day at the beach and others brave enough to run there feet in the VERY cold water, we just walked the beach and build a sand castle.  And of course we now have some sea shells to remember the outing.

I would love to see this beach on a hot summer day, I imagine it would be PACKED! Any way, no point in having new shoes if no one sees them I’m off to show them off!

4 Responses to “Ocean, Poppies and New Shoes…”

  1. Meems said

    LOVE the shoes!

  2. Shelly said

    I’m SO glad I’m not the only person that posts pictures of their shoes on her blog….LOL Thanks for the photos!

  3. Kristinma said

    L O V E the shoes!!

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