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Easter in Germany.

Posted by Allison on April 4, 2010

Well it’s Easter Sunday and we are lounging on the couch stuffed from Easter supper.  All my life I’ve had the same Easter supper no matter what.  Ham and potatoes.  Well living in Germany has caused me to rethink how I think of pig flesh.  Let me tell you, when the most prevalent meat available is pork, there is nothing you’d rather NOT have than ham on a special occasion.  Our family favorite is seafood but finding good seafood can be expensive and a pain in the ass so we’ve started having an old favorite for special occasions….lamb.  Tonight was frenched lamb with a made up crust from breadcrumbs and mustard.  It was delicious!

Next week is travel week.  We are going to hit some countries in a rented car.  We have to hit up the consulate to get a new passport for Nadia so instead of just heading to Stuttgart we are going to Dusseldorf!  When we looked at the map we decided that Dusseldorf though lovely was not far enough…so off to Belgium, Luxembourg and maybe Holland too!  It sounds like a huge trip but it’s only 5 hours away. At home if we got in the car and traveled for 5 hours we’d almost be in Saskatoon, here we can see something more than the Borden Bridge (not that I don’t love the Borden Bridge but I’ve traveled that highway since I was 5 years old, i’m over it plus since they closed the cool old bridge it just isn’t the same)  I would love to see some of the more historical sites in Belgium and most importantly make a trip to Bruges to see Vancouver Corner (the monument to Canadian soldiers).  Very excited to take some new pictures with my new found knowledge of the Rebel.

Oh I HAVE to add this picture, while shopping at the REAL the other day we stumbled on some Canadian maple syrup…it’s a new treat in this house.  My weekly wine was a win/lose….can’t beat Corona on a hot summer day but Mexico should stick with great summertime beer cause this cab sav merlot was yucky, not that I didn’t drink it, I did but I didn’t slurp it….the South African wine on the left however is mighty tasty….


One Response to “Easter in Germany.”

  1. Meems said

    We’re having lamb, too. I never liked ham, nor potato salad, nor deviled eggs, which constitutes most of the traditional Easter dinner that I grew up with. I never had lamb until I met my husband, and I love it! Happy Easter!

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